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    1996 Explorer Sport Linkage Problems

    Just recently started in one day. Check engine light on always. My transmission itself is fine. No problem shifting (automatic), But after it starts out in 1st, I have to let off the gas for it to shift into 2nd. After that, fine...except, if I get on a highway and go over 40, my overdrive light...
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    Blinker Buzz!

    Just in the last couple of days I am getting this buzzing sound when I switch on my right blinker. When it buzzes, the blinker won't work. I traced the buzz to a square yellow box under the steering column just above where you plug your code reader in. It has wires going into it. Can someone...
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    '96 Washer Pump Relay Info

    For those interested I finally fixed my front washer pump. It was a ground wire & the plug going into the pump. I just hooked the ground wire to the side wall and wired in 2 cheap connectors to the washer pump (the plug costs $51 dollars at Autozone!). That blew my mind. I have diagrams below...
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    Trying to fix some simple things on '96 explorer Sport?

    One, what is the spring button on the passenger side wall in the engine compartment that makes contact with the hood closed? I thought it was for the light to see the engine but when I start to close the hood the light goes off without even touching the switch. Two, front right marker light...
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    Washer Pump Continued...

    My vehicle is a '96 Ford Explorer Sport 4x4 6 cylinder...Okay, Now I boiled it down to an electrical problem somewhere... I found my relay box #1 (thanks to a Ford Dealer printout) behind my battery on the side wall and found my front and rear relays for the washers/wipers. I switched the relays...
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    Washer Pump Lines

    Question... I need to check to see if my front washer pump is bad and the 1st step is to switch the front and back pump lines. My question is... where does the back pump line come out in the engine compartment? I traced the two lines from the front pump up to my firewall which I assume both go...
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    Multi Function Switch

    How do yo get in there and bend a stalk on the multi function switch? My front washer pump unit (blades do) does not work and I want to see if that is the problem. If it isn't, it's gotta be a pump replacement. Checked relays in aux relay and pulled both of them and my wipers up front still...
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    Washer Pump

    I'm trying to figure out a problem with my front washer. My rear washer works fine. Squirts great. My front won't do a thing when I press the button, just the wipers work. I blew out the lines...nothing clogged. So, I am figuring it must be the pump has gone bad unless the front and rear are on...
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    Rectangle Bumper Lights

    Dumb question...need answer! lol What is the correct name for the rectanglar lights at the the bottom of the front bumper on a '96 Ford Explorer Sport 4x4? Thanks for any answers...
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    No Window Power!

    I have a 1994 Explorer XLT and both back windows lost power and won't roll down. The front windows work. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem? Could it be the wiring or bad connect? Thanks for any help!
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    Brake Proportional Valve

    Does anyone have the diagram of a 1994 Ford Explorer brake proportional valve, which lines on the side go where? The two on top come from the master cylinder and the back line on the side go to the rear brakes at the axle I think. I have to change out that line. It busted on me while I was...
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    Bleeding the Brakes!

    Hey all! Well, I have bled my brake lines several times now and I do have clear brake fluid running out of all but, I still hardly have any brakes except when I press the brake pedal all the way to the floor. Still very spongy. What am I doing wrong? I don't see any air bubbles coming out from...
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    Bleeding the Brakes

    When I have someone press down on the brake pedal and I crack open the valves on and off agian to get good brake fluid, does the key have to be in off position or turned in the on position? Thanks!
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    Bleeding the brake line

    I have a 94 Ford Explorer. I just put on new rotors, calipers and brake pads on the front. I pumped up my brake and it is hard with the key out. I pumped with the key in on position and loosened my rear brake lines to get any air out and at the same time kept adding brake fluid. So when I...
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    No cold start!

    My 1994 Explorer won't or is hard to start in cold weather. What would be the basic tips to check and get it started? By battery seems fine. It will try to turn over but that is about it. Thanks :roll:
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    Where does the Black/yellow striped wire on the back of the alternator connect to? The solenoid? And does the battery cable have to be on the same bolt? What does the letters S, M and I mean on the solenoid? Thanks!
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    No Starter!

    Engine Dead! Battery, alternator good. Bought solenoid. Hooked it all up. Starts now, loud screaching/scraping noise like metal hitting metal in block. Belts too tight on alternator? Starter still engaged? Another question... Does the wire from the back of the alternator hook to the solenoid or...
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    "Them Brakes!"

    Hello everyone! Use to be here many moons ago and here I am again asking questions I can't figure out. For you Brake Gurus... I just put on a new rotor, brake pads and caliper to the front driver's side wheel. No problems. I followed procedure in bleeding the brake lines starting the engine...
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    The Lights Stay On!

    Okay guys, here's a easy one that I can't figure out. My indoor lights (both dome lights and door lights) won't go out when all doors are closed. I have checked the spring-loaded buttons on all the doors with no results. The only way to turn them off is to pull the fuse under the dash which also...
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    New spark plugs out....

    Just wondering if any of you all have tried the new E3 spark plugs and what is the price for them? Just read an article on them and they sound great! :burnout: The website is ...
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    Keyless Remote Installation

    I have a '94 Explorer with a keyless remote that will do the locks and start the engine. I think it is an aftermarket product and when I looked it up on a thread, my pad did not match any on the page. The pad on my key ring is rectangular with two buttons with a small light in between where it...
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    IAC Cleaning

    What is the best solution for cleaning inside the actual IAC? What do you use...carb cleaner or Electronic cleaner? Thanks
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    Engine Parts Cleaning Info Please!

    [COLOR=Sienna][B]I need some info from you all! As some of you know, I'm trying to figure out why my engine is backfiring and some of the feedback is to clean certain parts. What is the best way to clean (if it IS an option), my MAF, TP, O2, IAC sensors and FPR? I read in my manual that I...
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    No compression and back-firing!

    :banghead: First, let me thank you guys for the info on the relays. I think that solved one problem. Okay, here's the next deal.... I changed out my plugs and wireset on my '94 Explorer. During idle and slow speed it is all right. As soon as I speed up and go highway speeds, it back-fires all...
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    Stalling Every Day!

    Please help me! My '94 explorer will stall no matter how slow or fast I drive. It is as if my key was turned off... no power! I pull to the side of the road and wait 3 to 5 minutes until my check engine light will come on again and start it back up and continue on. This has been going on for a...