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    Thanks, basically most of my supplies I get them from soller composites, you can google it. For process, basically it is to cover the parts with a black resin, wait just to get "tacky", layout the carbon fiber, then apply some clear resin coats, then polish, clear coat thena polish again. On...
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    diy radius arm bushings

    I can not see pictures, maybe very old thread.
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    Hello again forum, long time no posting. Well, just to show a couple of pics of my first carbon fiber layups. These were my very first pieces, even when quality was not the best, I love the look of the real carbon fiber, this is not a vynil stiker that its very popular, actually I am starting...
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    Ooops, old firestone tire...

    Yes, I use my tires at 35 psi. It is interesting for me that you show that kind of graphics. I am actually working as a quality assistance mgr at an automotive maker parts (we supply to ford, among several others), an one of my tasks is to follow up my plant customer ppms.
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    Expedition 98 parts that fits into explorer 98

    Hello: I have a friend who is parting out an expedition 98, I wonder about if seats will fit in my XLT 98 (driver seat is litte teared). what parts would fit into a Explorer?
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    Hatch panel removal.

    I understand now. Thank you Master!
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    Hatch panel removal.

    Is the small rear cover below rear window supposed to be for some optional kind of handle or lock? mine is similar to Joe Dirt pictures, but I have seen a few that they have a litte different configuration there. Regards.
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    Major spark plug problem.

    somewhere I saw a kit for recovering broken spark plugs. I is supposed to be a comun issue on the f150. Hit a search on google for f150 spark removal kit, you will get an idea of the process to removed. An as Bigtrack said, use a shop vac hose to pic up the debris that could fall inside. Good...
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    has anyone tried a tune to save gas on a v6?

    what about hydrogen cells? does it really works?
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    15" or 16" rims

    Yes, I think I will need to regear. But, are there better 35's than 33'2 for offroading? Is it noticeable better perfomance with 35 than 33?
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    15" or 16" rims

    thread try this thread I am planning to put some 35's on 15" on cragar softs. I guess it will be a lot of triming, but I have read some people has run this set up. I also still trying to decide what set up would be better for...
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    Tamper resistant fasteners on MAF

    first time I deal with those I just screw them out using some pliers, later I bougth the proper torx with the hole in the center. Also some lock resin is in the area for the torx bit in order to secure, after I pulled out the screws with the pliers, with a ligther I burn that resin and removed...
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    Transmission fluid is 10 years old

    By changing the fuild, you could be removing some particules that due to the time and wear are now part of the components itself. If you remove the fuild, probably you will remove them and get a better or worse perfomance, very hard to tell. I wouldn't change it.
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    O2 sensor replace for clearing PO153

    I have change one of these, so far I know it is recomended a socket set like this: I wonder if a standar wrench will fit in order to remove them. good luck.
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    Excellente! Bienvenido Amigo.
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    No movement for about 2 minutes.

    I have heard of a coworker samething on his nissan, some seal damaged leak inside of the transmission, but after heating the seal expands, stop the leak and start to move.
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    OBD-II Scan Tool – What to look for when buying one?

    It realys on how much want to expend vs. at what level of usage are you going to apply (professional? at home only?). Mine was cheap (I guees) around $200, but it is enough for me, I have seen some professional obd up to $2500.
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    NEed Help on Intakes

    It comes only with the air filter and base to fix to to the intake tube.
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    NEed Help on Intakes

    it improves the rpm answer as well as better mileage. And installation took me around 20 minutes.
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    NEed Help on Intakes

    try, I just change my air intake and it is great.
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    damn brake dust

    At my town, I saw other day an explorer with the same dirty dust, also I am having same issue, but only on the front wheels. I am worry about it because is looks more like a litte gummy, I thougth that it could be some very small leak on the front brakes. Also I reviewed my cv joints just to...
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    So... where to start?

    I just install on my v6 xlt 98 the kkm intake and I love it. After owning my rig for 3 years, It runs better than ever.
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    Tune UP questions

    I think it is used to consider by most of the technicians as a part of any minor engine tune up, to change the filters (gas, oil and fuel) and change the oil, as well as all liquids levels, maybe each 10k miles. If it is a major engine tune up, maybe at 30k miles, just add the injectors...
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    pa 883 & 853 steering link

    :D First of all, thanks to everybody that post you stuff here and share your experience. I have learn a lot from you each day. Well, my question: I bougth from a PA 853, which it is for the 95-97 models, but now I want to put it in a X 99, what I need to modify of the steering linking bar? I...