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    What would cause this delayed start? *video*

    The pressure line loses fuel pressure over night because of a possible pinhole leak between the outlet pipe in the tank and the pressure regulator, or between the regulator and the pump output nipple (both hose segments are in the tank, so the 'leak' is undetectable from outside. If you...
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    1996 Aerostar in excellent condition is being parted out in New Jersey.

    Parting out a '96 shortie 3.0 Auto. Trannie is perfect. Power windows, locks, mirrors, alot of interior parts, both fenders good, bumpers good, bumper covers good, exhaust system good, alloy wheels w/caps. Located in south jersey. Overheated; probably needs head gaskets, maybe needs milling the...
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    Transmission: D does not work

    The point would be to see if the sprag is your problem. If it is, and all other gears shift properly, then you know what hard parts you have to buy when you take your transmission apart. The transmission depends on the sprag holding when it starts out in first. If you start out in '2', there is...
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    Transmission: D does not work

    Doesn't move in 'D'? Have you tried to start in '2', then when you reach speed (25 mph), shift to 'D', then all seems okay: Goes to 3rd, 4th, O/D? If so, your sprag in the back of the tranny failed. Factory has nylon sprag holder cage, which, when it gets really hot, like when you try to rock...
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    Solved Still NO brakes!

    Mbrooks420: Lemme see, on the first page (message #23, the 12th post from advisers [non-complainant]), the solution was offered. Finally after 4 more pages of posts, and chasing a solution down a rat hole, after 80 other posts, he posts a picture showing the obvious mistake that he made. He...
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    Solved Still NO brakes!

    Still spongy? Do us a favor, show a pic of one of the rear calipers.
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    Ice on inside of windows...

    If you have a sunroof, the drain tubes get clogged with plant/tree debris and they need to be cleared every year. When it rains, your sunroof becomes a large funnel directing the rain to the edges and if the tubes are clogged, they back up and pour into the cabin.
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    Baffled by Heater Issue...2001 Explorer Sport

    I had a Taurus that had similar problem. It turned out that the water pump impeller had an electrolysis problem. The body of the water pump was plastic and caused a spinning electrolysis voltage which caused the stamped steel water pump impeller fins to pit and deteriorate, until there was only...
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    99 sport runs like garbage

    Sounds like the idle air control valve. Get some Sea Foam, cut the top off a soda can, put the IAC valve in the can, fill it with Sea Foam, let it sit over night. Tooth brush it out. Pour 95% of the sea foam back in the can. It'll last a long time.
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    How to: 5R55E Valve Body Rebuild Diary

    push up, spray the rim with WD40, work it up and down, you could grab one of the landing feet with pliers, it'll eventually slip out.
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    How to: 5R55E Valve Body Rebuild Diary

    The servo cover goes on the shift body using bolt holes 24, 25, 26, 27 in the above picture, and the seals go on the servo piston, the bigger on on the rim and the smaller one on the stalk.
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    M5OD has bad countershaft bearing - need advice

    Maso I got a rebuild kit for M5OD. Let me know if you want it. has everything: gears, bearings, shift dogs...
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    Exhaust issues, please help

    The system you bought from uses a PCM that requires 4 oxygen sensors. Your 2000 system uses 3 oxygen sensors, which your PCM must match. Even if you could physically attach the '98 exhaust parts and plugged one of the downstream oxygen sensor holes, your PCM would throw a code immediately...
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    2000 explorer stalls when put in gear

    Possible torque converter lockup servo stuck closed.
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    I broke it. What is it?

    If the CEL light is on due to the DPFE sensor, it's probably for one of 3 reasons: 1. the EGR valve is stuck closed; 2. the electronics in the DPFE sensor is fried; 3. there is a blockage in one of the three tubes: the EGR tube, the high pressure tube, or the low pressure tube.
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    I broke it. What is it?

    DPFE sensor. Differential Pressure Feedback EGR sensor. It detects if, when the EGR valve is open, whether some of the exhaust is routed back into the intake manifold. Allowing exhaust into the intake reduces the running temperature of the engine, and the PCM adjusts the fuel air mix to optimize...
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    no overdrive/soloniod #3 qwestion

    Solenoid 3 applies the output overdrive band when the transmission shifts from 1st gear to second and from fourth gear to fifth (Overdrive). So if your code says that the circuit is incomplete, the PCM is not detecting any voltage in the circuit when it grounds the solenoid circuit. So it is...
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    Frustrated with rough idle when warm in drive

    It sounds like your idle air control valve is sticking open when hot. Get a beer can, cut off the top, put the idle air control valve in the can. Fill it with sea foam and let it sit over night. Take a tooth brush and clean it out while moving up and down the central valve, then rinse it out...
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    Newbie here. Help changing an ignition cylinder on a 1998 Explorer Sport

    Your best bet may be to go to a pull-it junkyard and get these from a similar donor car: 1. a key (better to get one with 2 keys,) 2. ignition cylinder, (easy to get out if you have the key) 3. pats module, (behind the passenger air bag) 4. powertrain control module (firewall passenger side)...
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    99 explorer sport please Help!! Can't figure this thing out

    Re: transmission gear 4 wrong ratio. This happens when your PCM directs the high gear/overdrive band to activate, which it is not doing. The servo fills with pressurized fluid, which presses on the band tang and stops the drum from spinning, causing the planetary gears to engage. Your 3rd gear...
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    Long time Lurker, First time poster

    Your fuel pressure specification for '98 Explorer 4.0 l SOHC is 35-40 psi, and you're showing 20. Time to take the tank down and look at the hose leading out.
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    Long time Lurker, First time poster

    Check the fuel pressure. If you have the fuel pressure regulator in the fuel tank, then there could be a leak in the rubber hoses that enter/exit the pressure regulator housing, and if there is a leak in one of the hoses or the housing itself, you could be pressurized enough to start and even...
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    PCM not ready - sensors resetting

    Glad to help. Boom! Mic Drop. Haha!
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    PCM not ready - sensors resetting

    Your starter circuit is drawing too much amperage, so that when starting it, there is NO voltage going to the PCM, in effect resetting your PCM's drive cycles. There is a keep alive circuit going to the PCM which you should trace voltage for, while starting (see if the voltage drops while...
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    Odd issue when restarting Explorer

    One thing it can be is a faulty fuel pressure regulator housing. If it has cracks in it, when you first turn the key, the fuel pump activates for about 3 seconds. If the system is leaking at the plastic housing or internal hoses, the pressure does not reach and hold (for your '99) 62 psi. It may...