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  1. J

    Ford thought this was a good idea? wiper linkage

    LOL OK I didn't spend any time looking for a solution cause I got it working. I wasn't thinking to fix Fords piss poor design in the middle of a hurricane. Ordered on amazon. Thanks
  2. J

    Ford thought this was a good idea? wiper linkage

    So where do I get a replacement bushing?
  3. J

    Ford thought this was a good idea? wiper linkage

    In the latest storm my passenger wiper stopped working & just the drivers side worked. I took it apart today. What a dumb design. The passenger side linkage is held with nothing but a press fit nub with a bushing. As seen in the pic, there's nothing to prevent the linkage from again falling...
  4. J

    opinions wanted - sell my 1997 Explorer v8 AWD 115k to buy 2010 Explorer 4.6 135k

    2010 V8 4X4 for $3500? That's a steal! A long as the body was ok & no major rust problems, I'd jump at that. As great as the older X's are, can't fight time. My 2002's paint & clear are peeling to bare metal almost & rust starting. My windshield is leaking in rain. But runs fine. Edit if yo...
  5. J

    Riding down the freeway

    Same Sport model. Both 5 speeds.
  6. J

    Windshield leaking

    Since Ian hit, I have discovered my windshield is leaking. It's the sides/bottom I think. I have no water on my floormat but under it & up the sides I do. Also was wet under the dash. Headliner was dry. Do I have options? Other then replace the windshield? My insurance will cover replacement but...
  7. J

    Riding down the freeway

    I don't drive much past 75. Mainly cause I have no cruise. Great ford thinking. Put cruise on a 93 but an option on a 2002...
  8. J

    Quarter window question

    I have never heard or read of any replacements other then a stock window.
  9. J

    Tire replacement

    In my experience with tire chain stores, they will not replace 1 tire if it's different. They will only do a pair & then put that pair on the rear. That's all corporate lawyer BS....
  10. J

    Looking at a 98 Sport, need assessment

    Remove the rear hatch carpet if you can. See if the floor is rusted, or water damaged. The side windows on sports leak when the butyl tape that seals the windows rots out. All the sports I had, needed both windows resealed.
  11. J

    Solved Solved 4.0 SOHC Lower Oil Pan Gasket

    I did mine few months back. Didn't help my oil leak. It came with the 2 as well. Since I use a drain valve I put them in the parts box.
  12. J

    AC issue

    Replace compressor. It's shot. Do not use. If it fails & does lock, your going to get black death & every AC component will need to be replaced.
  13. J

    Leveling or Lift kit for 97 explorer sport

    You missed the nothing crazy part LOL But yeah TT & shackles. If your springs are good & can run 31's stock. Before adding bigger tires check what rear gear you have. It's going to suck if you have 3.27's.
  14. J

    Rear Cargo Window Leaking

    Every X I had needed to be re-sealed. Great Ford design!
  15. J

    Rear Cargo Window Leaking

    JB Weld that area. Build it back up. Then reseal. Or JY window.
  16. J

    dash kit

    Yes there is a little lip around the inside of the bezel. Your DIN bracket will catch this lip when pushed in & then your radio will slide into the DIN bracket & lock in place. Expect to break the bezel tab in a corner or the AC vent tab. Both are broke on mine.
  17. J

    Rear End Sag Fix?

    Maybe those leafs are junk? I have just shackles, stock springs & the gas adjust shocks & have loaded the rear to much more the 300lbs. Yes it weighted down, but not to the tires.
  18. J

    Door lock problem, can open when locked

    Plastic piece behind the lock actuator broke. New one only Ford had. $12. $100 in labor. :mad: :angryfire:
  19. J

    my clutch went bad, shops are asking over a thousand to replace it

    What everyone else said. I had 4 5 speeds. Given inflated prices on everything right now, $1100 is ballpark. My current 02 previous owner had the clutch done about a year before I bought it. Used LUK. However they didn't buy a new flywheel, or a new slave, or a rear main seal. The rear main is...
  20. J

    Door lock problem, can open when locked

    FL had a cold spell. My X didn't like that. The passanger side door lock wouldn't unlock. Heard the motor. Key also didn't work. I left it alone. Seemed to be fine once the temp went back to normal. Forward now almost 2 months. I discover the passenger door will open from the outside when...
  21. J

    Oil Pan

    I was quoted $890 a few weeks ago for my oil pan gasket & rear main seal. Both are leaking.
  22. J

    2001 Sport "Tadpole"

    Check the body mounts. They fall apart on the 01+ sports I learned. It was a PITA for the guy that replaced mine. He cursed me out & said never come back LOL
  23. J

    Ford 1999 4.0 L sohc 4wd engine, 85k miles, timing chain repair cost

    2016 scat I'd also go the new engine route if everything else is good.
  24. J

    Ford 1999 4.0 L sohc 4wd engine, 85k miles, timing chain repair cost

    85K miles? Do you have a problem now? Or trying to do this as preventive? If that latter, don't bother. I do have my Charger lol
  25. J

    Godzilla Swap: Lets Discuss

    $$ & all the custom fab work would the the limits. Will the X's suspension even allow for such a swap? Steering linkage?