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    Help:eek: Aussie damsel in distress here:-)

    It's nice that is running, I just looked at a 2002 they only wanted $500 for it sad part is the rear timing chain is broken and calls for an engine pull then you have to have valves checked to me did not seem worth it so passed the 4liters here are terrible one guy even suggested another motor...
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    Not even sure about that I do nmy own rebuilds but this crazy thing with that timing. Have a 65 Ford Falcon in garage doing resto Mod on 5liter aod etc but it keeps taking back door to other projects just finished a 94 Bronco K15 and lost it to my middle son, so started a 94 3500HD with a 454 cu...
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    Just bought a 2002 Sport Trac limited all but given to me I thought not sure what I've gotten into it's the 4.0e motor. Who dreamed up this stupid timing chain system? As I understand it has two chains in front with a shaft under intake to another chain on pass side? You have to pull the mtr...