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    97 AWD Leaf Springs

    I have been checking into upgrading my leaf springs because any time I am pulling a trailer the back end sits really low and that is with an empty trailer. While I was looking into springs I noticed there are two types spring under axle which is what I have and spring over axle. I would like to...
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    Grabbing sensation when Braking

    My 97 AWD has a grabbing sensation when braking (does not pull to either side) This does not happen everytime I apply the brake usually the first time I apply the brake after pulling out of my driveway (REALLY BAD) and then maybe two or three times during a drive. I have replaced all of the ABS...
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    Truck Studders

    I have a 1997 AWD XLT 5.0L Explorer. It has roughly 166k on it. The other day I was driving came to a stop light after coming to a complete stop waiting for the light to change the engine studdered some and then it was fine did not do it again until today same thing. Has anyone had this issue...
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    Unknown hose.

    There is a hose that is mounted on the driver side shock tower. I have a 1997 Explorer 5.0L AWD. Can not tell what type of fluid is coming out of it. Tried to trace but it runs under a bunch of other stuff. I am guessing it could be the vent tube for the front diff. If anyone knows what it is...