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    '07 Sport Trac 4.6l 3v lifter pump up

    Have same lifter noise on my 07. Goes away after about a minute. Don't think there is a concern. I use 1 qt. Lucas heavy duty oil stabilizer with 5 qts 5w/20 full synthetic. Hope to have this thing running for a long time. Bought it used with about 70,000 mi on it Had to replace the driveshaft...
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    Tire Pressure Monitor Fault

    Same here. Just haven't had time to go back. Ken
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    Tire Pressure Monitor Fault

    Can't help you but to say I had same problem. Changed out to valve stem monitors at Discount tires for $60 apiece. Problem persists. I hate blinking dashlights also but don't know where to go from here.
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    center support bearing

    I was told the same about the drive shaft. You have to replace all of it. Close to $1000
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    new member

    New to this sort of thing. This looks like a real neat tool to discuss major and minor things relating to my 2007 sport trac. I;m from Southern Cal. up in the mountains with my first ever 4x4. El nino coming so I might need some advice!!