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    94 EXP starting problem

    My 94 when i go to start the truck it just makes a clicking noise. Ive replace the solenoid, starter, and the battery is fairly new. My only guess would be the EEC power Relay? Cause before i would have to tap on that relay for the truck to kick on. Im guessing the relay just took a shi*...
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    94 explorer heater comes on randomly?

    I have a 94 ford explorer. The heater/Air flow randomly comes on, its been really cold where im at and i need to work correctly. It seems to come on when it wants to. Is there a loose wire somewhere that would cause this?
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    Wireing trailer lights on 94 EXP

    I have a 94 explorer, I need a tutorial or some kind of how to video to show me how to install the wires/plug to plug into the trailer lights, my truck did not come with this set up so i need to add it on from scratch, I went and bought the wires/plugs, just need help putting it in.
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    starter problem

    When i go to start my 94 explorer it just makes a click noise and doesnt start, it wont start until i turn the key abunch of times, i replaced the solenoid thinking that was the problem, could it be the starter itself?
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    Check MAF/Check fuel injectors

    Where is the MAF located so i can check it and clean it, and also the fuel injectors, i want to check those as well. I have a 94 explorer, please help!
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    94 explorer has no power whats so ever

    When im driving the accelleration always gives out, and when im going up hills i cant go any faster than 35-40, and again the the accelleration gives out...any ideas what would cause this?
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    Rotters/Brakes and Alternator change

    I replaced my roaters and brakes when i got the truck because they were shot, and 3 months later the roaters are shot again, why would this happen 3 months after i replaced everything? and also i need to change my alternator is there a how to guide?
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    Serious engine problems

    My 94 is acting really weird, When im on the freeway and accelerating it just stops accelerating i have to take my foot off gas pedal and re apply the gas pedal, sometimes that doesnt even work. There is no power AT ALL, the truck barely makes it up steep hills. Any ideas what would cause...
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    Truck not starting?

    My truck stopped starting, it cranks over but wont start, could it be the fuel pump?
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    Rotors and breaks problem

    When i first bought my 91 exp few months ago when i pushed the brakes it would shake to all hell, so I changed the rotors AND breaks, smooth as satin. Now its starting to shake again, anyone know why? Someone mentioned maybe the back drum breaks are not adjusted correctly? Any help would be...
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    94 EXP with Clear Diamond Headlights and 5k HID (PIC)

    Hey guys, I put some of those clear diamond headlights in, and installed some 5000k HID's. What do you think?
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    Diamond clear headlights with HID on 94 EXP

    Hey everybody, I havnt seen any pics of any 94 explorers with the diamond clear headlights with 5000K HID, I just recieved my new headlights cause the old ones are really dull and cannot see very well. Once I recieve my 5000k HID kit I will post pictures with the new crystal clear headlights...
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    Pulling codes for smog

    Hey everybody, I just transfered my exp into my name today, however i need to get it smogged, they said the last time it was smogged was in 2008, im concerned that it wont pass smog, what things would cause it to fail smog? So i can correct anything before i get it tested. I just replaced...
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    After changing spark plugs, truck runs rough

    I replaced all 6 spark plugs today to try and improve my engines performance, after installing all 6 new spark plugs the truck ran rough, when i push on the gas pedal it like sputters... I also noticed that one of the spark plugs you could see the sparks, what would cause this? I replaced...
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    94 xlt runs cold and has wierd idle issues

    I just got this thing, and noticed when i start it up the idle will go up to about 1200 all the way down to 500-600rpms, and it feels as if the truck is going to die...Any suggestions on what I need to check to fix the problem? Also even after its warmed up, when im sitting at a light, it will...
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    94 aftermarket headlights/taillights?

    I have a 94 explorer xlt, i have been trying to find some aftermarket headlights and tailights, havn't found much, does anyone know of any sweet aftermarket head/taillights? LED preffered
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    94 Explorer XLT AC Help

    Hello everybody, I just bought a 94 explorer xlt, it has the AC compressor, how ever the belt that is supposed to be on it is missing, and the plug is not plugged in, What type of belt would i need for that to see if the compressor even works? And how would I go about putting the belt on...