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  1. J

    4-Door vs. 2-Door tailights

    Nevermind, just found out they are all the same. Thanks Anyways.
  2. J

    4-Door vs. 2-Door tailights

    This may sound like stupid question, but is there any difference between the tailights on a 4-door and a 2 door explorer? The only reason im asking is because i saw a really sweet set of euro tailights for an explorer on the net and it sai that they would only fit the 4 door models. I Just...
  3. J

    All right i need some help, long story

    All right here is what is going on. I guess she is still with her BF, she called me about an hour ago and said that they were going somewhere for dinner. So here is the deal: im not doing anything about it for the time being. I have been doing good lately talking to random girls anyway, girls...
  4. J

    Just got 20's for the X

    Actually, Heath is just east of Columbus, about 40 minutes depending on traffic.
  5. J

    All right i need some help, long story

    She said she was cool with what i had to tell her, and the whole boyfreind thing, the kid has major jealousy issues ans she dosent like that, now that i think of it i dont even think they are together anymore.
  6. J

    Just got 20's for the X

    Yup, I have been waiting for almost a year know but the other day i went out and got me a set of the Boss 304's. Should make my sport look really good, :eek: best thing is nobody will probaly have these rims im my area, which i awesome considering i am trying to be different than everyone else...
  7. J

    All right i need some help, long story

    first of all i dont even know if this type of thing is allowed, or if this is even in the right forum, but I need some serious input to figure out what is up.Ther is a stort behind this, so please, bare with me on this and youll understand the story better There is this girl i know and lately...
  8. J

    girl backs-up into me

    Last Saturday night i was out in a parking lot talking to some people i havent talked to in a while. this girl i know, but dont like, drives over to us and parks her car. two seconds later, she saw someone that she is afraid off, throws her car into reverse, dosnt look where she is going, and...
  9. J

    dont drink and drive

    WOW!!! YOU AND YOUR GF ARE VERY LUCKY!!! Count your blessings man!! I can not believe that. If you guys were in any other car, well i dont wana say!!
  10. J

    CRUNCH goes the X

    Dont feel to bad about it. we all screw up from time to time. i was backing up my dads F150 back in november of 1999. I never thought to look back. Anyway, as im backing up i here this horrible thud. I look in the rearveiw mirror, and i see my sisters car. I get out, and the whole back end of...
  11. J

    How Often Do You Wash Your X in Winter?

    I drive my Explorer as little as possible, well at least that is the plan for the winter. I was thinking about just putting it in the garage for the winter, but it seems as though OHio may have a mild winter this year. I usually was it at least once a week, even if i dont drive it
  12. J

    Speaker Dimensions

    I just bought 2 sets of Pionner 3 ways, and they sound MUCH better than the factory speakers, with the factory HU pushing them. They cost be about $180 for the set (2 pair, 1 pair about $60). they were on sale though
  13. J

    Central Ohio?

    Just wondering if anyone here is from around Central Ohio( Basically, anywhere around columbus) I have had an idea about starting an SUV/ Truck club. Alot of my friends have SUV's/Trucks that they will be tricking out here in the next 2-3 months, and we just thought it would be cool idea to...
  14. J

    2003 xls cd player

    i am guessing just about all of fords trucks, and maybe a few of their cars from 1995 up, if its the right kind of HU im thinking of
  15. J

    mach sub install

    I am kind of doing the same thing. I have done some research on this, and i know a little but not much. First of all, which HU do have? I know that certain ones have outputs for the subwoofer. All the MACH HU's have it, and some of the Premium HU's(cd/tape combo) have it. I have the premium...
  16. J

    CD player not working in my 99 limited.

    What CD player do you have? i have the Cd/tape combo deck and mine does that occasionally too. It possibly may be cold, so the best thing to do is turn off the cd player, and maybe try to put the cd in. You may have to do this a few times, but it should get it back in order. keep pushing the...
  17. J

    New to the board

    Hey Everyone, New to the board here, just thought i would Introduce myself. I have a 99 explorer sport that i bought back in april. So far its been one of my favorite trucks i have ever owned. I also own an 87 Honda accord. Look forward to being on this board.