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    Instant total battery discharge, won't start, rapid clicking from ignition area

    I stopped after a 30 minute trip to grab the mail. I shut off the Explorer normally and came back 3 minutes later and the car was completely dead. No lights, no windows, no dash. Nothing. I had my wife drive over and we charged it up some and the lights turned on and the dash lit up and etc...
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    2001 Sport: Rear blinkers/brake lights don't work. Everything else does.

    Okay so I'm in a bit of a pickle. A few weeks ago my Compass/Dome light went out. My right rear blinker then went out. Then my left rear blinker went out. They all share a common ground according to my Haynes Manual. The front blinkers and indicators on the dash work fine. I did continuity...
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    2001 Sport Roof OEM Crossbars

    I have the rails running front to back and am looking for an OEM set of crossbars and maybe some hardware to throw a bike up there if you've got it. Thanks.
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    Grind/growl in engine compartment on start-up and when cold

    Been a long while since I've visited here so hopefully you guys are as helpful as you were two years ago :thumbsup: I did a quick search but came up emty. Car in Question: 2001 Explorer Sport 4.0L, 4x4, automatic, 162k miles, 10k miles on transmission. Background: I had the transmission...
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    2001 Sport Tranmission Cooler Lines

    One problem after another now that im pusing 150k miles. One of the steel cooler lines for the transmission underneath the radiator has a small hole in it that is spewing trans fluid. I need to replace it so my questions are: (1) What exactly are the lines called? and (2) Does anyone have a part...
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    Powered USB Port

    It's been a while since I've been around but after a few long drives I've decided that I need to be able to charge my cell phone while driving and I don't like how the cigarette lighter adapters look. I want to put a USB port somewhere in the front of the car, perhaps right underneath the...
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    Passenger Door Lock Replacement

    So I had the Ex out here at OSU for about 5 days before someone broke into it and stole my head unit. They popped off the metal ring around the lock on the passenger side with a screwdriver and got in. My question is: What exactly do I need to replace to make it all work again? I think its...
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    Honda Motorcycle Tires

    So my dad wants a new front tire for his Honda motorcycle for Christmas. Its a 2000ish, not a sport bike. More of a big, heavy, weekend cruiser. Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions about where to get a good deal on a tire? And what front tires are good? Looking to spend around 100ish...
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    Anyone have the G'zOne Boulder?

    I know a lot of guys/girls on here work in the great outdoors doing construction and things like that so I figured I'd ask. Has anyone owned the G'zOne Boulder from Verizon Wireless? And what are your thoughts on it? Thanks.
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    Quick Front Driveshaft Removal Question

    I'm getting all sorts of noises and vibrations from the truck and I'm suspecting U-joints. I'm taking the front driveshaft out first and my Haynes says tape up the bearings so they don't fall out. Which bearings are they talking about? Thanks
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    Stalling on start-up

    Truck began stalling on start-up 2-3 starts after cleaning the MAF sensor and IAC to combat a high idle problem. Checked the coilpack and the secondary resistance is out of spec on all coils (13k ohms for coil 1+2, 14k ohms for coil 3). Couldn't check the primary because the connector faces the...
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    Shopping around...

    So I'm looking to buy an old mustang. For a few reasons, first of all because I want something with some zip and the Ex, as much as I love it, doesn't provide that. Second, I want a car with a manual now that I know how to drive one :p:. I found an 85 GT for 3000. The ad claims to have many...
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    Saab 9-3 Repairs

    I was checking out some Saab forums and they don't look to promising so I figured I'd pick some brains over here. My sister is thinking about buying a 1999 9-3 with the 2.0T. Don't know the mileage off the top of my head but its somewhere around 90k I believe. It has some problems and my...
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    OEM Sub Enclosure Interchangability

    Quick Question I've got a 2001 sport and I'm trying to buy an OEM Sub Enclosure for the trunk. Will an enclosure from a 1998 Eddie fit in my truck? Thanks.
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    Starting Problems

    Hey all, my first real problem with the truck so far. I drove around all day and then went and parked in front of a building for 5 minutes, come back outside and it doesn't start. First instinct is trying to jump it. Nothing and battery won't hold a charge. I then notice that my stereo is...
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    Little Bit O' Guidance Needed

    Ok so I've finally decided to collect on my birthday present from my parents and based upon how rewarding many of you find biking, I've decided I want to get a road bike. Some background -- I've never really done any serious riding before but I plan to be able to go for some long rides a few...
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    Test Drive Laws

    So I'm not getting my hopes too high but does anyone know what kind of laws there are in New Jersey for test driving cars in regard to age? I feel like it might be up to each dealer to set their own rules. I turn 19 Friday but I still don't think it'll fly with me being that young...
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    NCAA Tournament

    I didn't see a thread about this anywhere but I felt compelled to ask... Who else is watching the Kansas/Davidson game? Davidson is playing some ridiculous defense...
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    Jeep T-Case

    Ok so I was in my friend's Jeep earlier today and I noticed that his 4x4 options seemed a lot more inclusive than mine/ours. His T-case shifter had a 2wd, part-time 4x4, full time 4x4, neutral, and 4x4 low. Assuming that part-time 4x4 is comparable to our AWD system, why do they have so many...
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    Spider Car

    Sorry if this has been posted once or twice or 300 times before but I didn't see it anywhere on EF and thought it was cool as hell. I was looking at the HydroDynamic Build on Pirate and someone came up behind me and said if you are interested in hydraulic stuff check out spider car on...
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    Edit Feature

    So this isn't really a suggestion, more of an observation I guess. Just didn't want to clog up the other forums... Does the line at the bottom of the post that used to say "Last Edited by: xxxxx at yy:yy am/pm" not show up anymore? I feel like I haven't seen one in a while... EDIT: to see if...
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    Laptop Cooling

    Ok so I have an HP Pavilion laptop with a fan that is incredibly loud. Loud enough that it will wake up my sleeping roommate if I don't turn the power setting to Power Saver. So my question is, whats the best way to make it not so loud? My initial thought is to change out the fan with a...
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    Tire Shipping

    So it's time for new tires, or rather it was about 10k miles ago but I'm just getting around to it now. I'm going with a set of the Kumho A/Ts. The real question is though, does anyone know any online places that are offering free shipping right now? TireRack wants 70 bucks to ship them...
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    A sad day for Ohio

    well it seems that the Ohio State Buckeyes have fallen to the LSU Tigers... I'm trying to sympathize with the players of OSU seeing as how its a big game and all but LSU didn't even win the game. We beat ourselves. I know some of you out there can commiserate with the OSU players and fans, at...
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    New Years Tradition

    So in the spirit of the holidays, how about some New Year's Resolutions... What does everyone want to accomplish this year? And if you feel like sharing, what were your resolutions for 2007 and how did those go?