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    Stereo Wiring Harness Doesn't Fit

    Of course getting the correct adapter is simple but you still need to wire in the adapter/harness anyways.
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    Stereo Wiring Harness Doesn't Fit

    Ya to add on I would absolutely label everything and crimp connectors on the ends
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    Stereo Wiring Harness Doesn't Fit

    You have the wrong adapter. You can always cut them both off and just wire it up.
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    Staining my deck

    No dont ever use paint. Thompson makes good sealers but not the best stains. You will still get 2-3 years out of it before it needs to get stained again. Great work though it looks good. I did it myself a few years ago. This year we figure im too old, its too hot, and we hired a local deck...
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    Lowering Kit

    What a pain
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    Lighting Install

    Fastenal has anchors for sheet metal. I use them to anchor shelves in work vans. Drywall anchors wont work unless your bumper is as thick as a sheet of drywall.
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    No- Drill Lighting

    I agree bull bar is a secure spot where you can bolt it down, harder to steal, and hide the wires.
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    Parasitic Battery Drain/Demand Lamp Fuse

    200 mA is not a lot of power. Do you not drive the vehicle enough? Maybe a battery tender to keep it topped off and just forget about the drain.
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    Camera Washer Not Working

    If I was you I would check to see if the pump is working by checking the voltage at the pump. Usually goes is there fluid, is the nozzle clogged, is it leaking, is the pump actually pumping.
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    Window cover