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    Painting body parts of my 99 explorer

    Hi everyone, I need to advice for painting my '99 explorer. I have the '99 limited pearl white color which is a tri-coat and I got into an accident about a month ago and I need some advice on how to paint my front right fender, the right *or passenger side* corner piece of the grille and the...
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    99 explorer Radiator Grille Mounting Panel

    Hello everyone, I have a 1999 explorer 4 door limited pearl white. I'm wondering does anyone know an autoparts store or website that sells a Radiator Grille Mounting Panel because I looked on and they want $201.32 for the part. I checked rockauto and I can't find it there. I...
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    99 explorer engaging gears problem

    Hello, first of all I have a 99 explorer v8 5.0L 2wd auto transmission 4R70W and I have had a problem with shifting into gears for the past month. When I shift into reverse, I hear this clunk and my truck jerks when it catches and I was told to check and replace my u-joints. I replaced my...
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    99 explorer woes

    Hello I have posted topics 2 months ago asking about a tune-up and I'm still on schedule to have one, but I have another problem that is bugging me and that is with my gear selector. For starter's I have a 99 explorer limited auto trans 2wd 5.0 v8 about 145,230k miles and early in the morning...
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    Tune Up Suggestions

    Hello I am going to have a tune up done next month and I need some questions answered. First I have a '99 ford explorer 4dr V8 and I am undecided on which spark plug brand I should get. I am torn between platinum Autolites and platinum Motorcraft. Second, I am going to replace the pcv (just...
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    Vibration from engine on cold mornings

    Hello I have a 1999 Ford Explorer Limited 5.0 V8 and since its been 35 degrees on average in the mornings, for some reason when I'm sitting at a stoplight the car vibrates hard and its only when the engine is cold. My truck has done this in the summer but the vibration was very very mild. The...
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    Front Passenger seat will not move back

    I have a 99 ford explorer 4 door Limited V8. I have been having a problem with my front passenger seat moving it back from time to time. The seat will move forward, up, down etc. but not backward. I was told by a friend of mine it's a dirty contact, but I think its a shortage. I can move the...
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    Time for a Tune-up?

    Hello everyone I have a question about my Explorer. I have a 1999 Ford Explorer Limited V8 2wd and I'm wondering if I need a tune-up or not. The reason I bring this up is because I'm getting really bad gas mileage right now (12.9 non-lead foot and heater use here and there) in city and I use...