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    My 91 daily driver is acting up

    I have a 91 that is in rough shape but it gets me where i need to go most of the time. My gas gauge broke a few yrs ago and has not worked since. Recently on a trip about 45 miles north of me the truck started smoking from the engine and putting off a smell. At the same time I noticed my gas...
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    Wassup Guys and Gals!

    I was hoping to hook up with some southern Ex. guys that might want to help a brother out with some modifications. I got lots of muscles and plenty of initiative just not many tools or place to work on a truck. I have some money to pay a shop to help me but they wont let me get my hands dirty...
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    Body work in ATL. GA Area

    I need a Body shop in ATL. GA Area I have a 91 Ex. that has some side collision damage. I picked up some new used doors and put them on. The front door works fine, but the vertical beam between the two doors that the rear door hinges attach to is pushed in at the bottom. This makes the back...
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    Got home from the store last night and my engine smelled like a grilled steak.

    Maybe I was just hungry...anyways there was smoke coming from the hood on the drivers side. Since I couldn't see anything I decided to check it out the next morning. I got up and checked the radiator level and oil and everything was normal. The motor sounded fine so I drove it. It felt a...
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    Dimensions/Pictures of Explorer Frame

    Hey guys, I am working on a 3d model of a 1st gen, to build mods on like cages and tube doors and such. Pretty much once I get it built I can paint it different things and do many things to it. The biggest thing i need is a good photo of a stripped frame, so I can get the basics down. Also if...
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    Idea for Removing Doors

    I have been trying to develop different types of door setups to replace my wrecked doors. I was also thinking of putting step-ups that wouldnt be in the way like spring loaded steps that rose up next to your door when not in use (not practical). A buddy of mine planted the airplane idea in my...