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    Dually Explorer?

    Hi folks, I am wondering something, how bad would it mess up gearing, computer, etc. to put a F-250 or F-350 Ford dually rear-end under the ass end of my 4.0L 1994 Limited4x4 ? :confused: And just how hard would it be to do? :confused: Wouldn't it be pretty much just take single wheeled unit...
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    1989 Ford Explorer 4 sale on ebay, is this possible??

    Hi folks, I was just browsing and someone has a ad for a 1989:rolleyes: Ford Explorer, 4.0L, automatic XLT, 7-seater with pix, there wasn't any manufactured before 1990 were there?? :confused: He says it's first registration was July 1989......I'm confused:confused: , were any...
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    Ranger photos ??

    I've looked through loads of photos in the photo galleries on this forum and I wonder, where are the Ranger photos?? I see very few pix of anyone's Ranger, loads of Explorers and Explorer Sports, but where are the Ranger pix?? Don't the drivers of Rangers have any photos of their ride?? And...
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    My Ex won't seem to stay charged{battery}

    Hi mates, My battery ran down a while back so I had another good battery, so I put it in. It started the truck for a few times and went dead. It's then that I found a bad ground cable end, so I replaced it & jump started the started a few times, then the battery seemed dead again...
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    info please.... :)

    :exp: Hi all, Could some1 tell me how big a tyre size on 18" rims I could put on my '94 Limited Edition w/o any suspension mods?? :confused: I don't wanna do a lift kit, just would like to raise her up more, if possible this way :) :) , can it be done? :exp: :exporange...
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    What is this damn squeek? :(

    Hi all, When I start up my X it makes this squeeking noise from the front of the engine that seems to be around the idler pulley on the right side, can any1 give me an idea what this is, should I worry about it &/or how to fix it? After 5-10 minutes it quits till the engine is really cold...
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    Squeek, squeek

    Hi all, Upon start up I have a irritating squeek, sounds like it's the top idler pulley, is there a bearing there that may need oiling,(or what else is it?) & if so how would I get to it? :confused: After around 5 to 10 minutes of the engine running the squeek...
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    dis-connect rev limiter

    I would like to know how to disconnect my rev limiter, any ideas. I'm the only one driving it so it won't get abusive use just because I would like a little more power on the 'takeoff '. ;) :exp:
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    how much lower would this be?

    Hi mate, What would putting 205/75 x 15s on my '94 LE do to its height from the ground?? (my wife says she has trouble getting into it at it's present height, I have 235/75 x 15s on it now, women, gotta please 'em to get pleased sometimes, ya know?) :) Any info will be...
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    rear door wanted, UK spec.

    Hi all, does any1 know where I might get a rear door that will accept the UK registration plate? I have a Canadian made 1994 LE so it has a small spot in the bumper is all. :) Thanks for all info you may be able to give me.
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    Wider "street tyres"??

    :feedback: Does any1 know if 205/50 x 15s will fit on my stock ('94 Explo' Limited Edition) wheels?? Any feedback appreciated.......... :) Thanks.. :)
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    Explorer club in NW ngland????

    :exp: Hi all, Are there any Ford Explorer clubs in the NW, up here by Liverpool?? If so, could some1 direct me to a branch officer to speak with? Thanks. Al