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    '06 XLT throwing P0193 code

    Driving down the hiway and light on dash comes on. Check it when I get home, and pull a "P0193" code, "Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit High". Vehicle running fine, just the light. '06 XLT 4.0 engine, 5R55S tranny. Here's the info I pulled: Control Module Voltage = 13.839V EGR Error = -49%...
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    Loud bang, now lower gas mileage !!!

    This one has me stumped: I have a 2006 Explorer, V6 4.0, 5 speed auto trans, w/ 130,000 mi. I replaced the oil and filter at about 127,000 mi. Also changed plugs at that time w/ Iridium plugs (that was the first time and none broke off, lucky me), changed front disk pads and checked all fluids...
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    2006 spark plug boots

    Hey guys, I have a 2006 XLT /4.0. Trying to change plugs. Got them all out on drivers side, but am having a hard time on the 3 on passenger side. Can hardly get my big fat hands in there to pull the boots off. Anyone got a trick for getting those boots off. Sprays, tools, etc? Thanks for your...