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    v8 gas mileage Increase finally

    If anything try to do as much as you can that's free! By getting an intake and exhaust setup you may get like 1mpg, but you're spending hundreds for it! You'll NEVER make up the cost. But if you are doing that for performance or just the sound and it's worth it to you then by all means go for...
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    Deer -vs- 02 Explorer!

    I've personally seen a deer make it over a 6 foot fence, I'm not sure it would be economically feasible to be able to fence off the highways with something that was high enough. It's just something we have to deal with particularly in southern Michigan!
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    Almost a recall???????

    Let me have my dreams... At least my rear end has been doing fine so far, the tranny is making me wonder every now and then.
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    Anyone recommend a certain type of HIDs?

    Little update, got my DDM Tuning order in and installed a couple months ago. Everything has been great so far, I have no complaints and would deal with them again definitely.
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    Almost a recall???????

    What Ford should do is fix everyone's tranny since they ALL seem to fail because of a similar problem.
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    need help...

    happened to me a couple weeks ago on my way to my grandpa's funeral, horrible timing. I can almost guarantee it's your alternator. I'm close to 100K on mine and figured I'd just put a new serpentine belt on it at the same time too.
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    New factory chrome rims for me

    I love the factory chrome wheels. The look great on an all black Ex. I have one question, I've seen a lot of other factory "chrome" wheels and I can't remember if these are the same, is it all chrome metal or is it an aluminum wheel with a chrome plastic cladding on top? Anyway looks great. Mine...
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    Stock rotors out of round

    I'm coming right up on 100,000 miles on my original rotors. I got the truck at 72000 and as far as I know they were the originals. I'm probably going to have to do them this summer though, as the braking is getting weaker and weaker. A soft foot on the pedal really helps extend the life!
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    Paint door handles

    my 2003 XLT has smooth painted handles color matched (silver) to the rest of the vehicle. I agree though, i hate the look of the black handles on some Exs, it just looks dirty, they should all have been painted to match.
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    Loud roaring

    a rear axel noise like what is common in these, especially if you have a drive train warranty I would think it would be covered anyway. It sounds like you have wheel bearings going bad, so that probably isn't the issue. maybe you could claim it's rear axel noise and have the fluid swapped for...
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    Quick exhaust questions

    my flowmaster 50 Suv series is too loud for my gilfriend if that helps any. Not sure if you were considering it, but that's my opinion.
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    Outside cold air thru glove compartment

    Welcome to the site! What do you mean "cold air" you live in Florida?! haha just kidding. Anyway glad you were able to find us and figure out your problem. Now you know where to go when something breaks
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    any way to tell if its a 4x4 by pics?

    son of a bitc* that right now it's even got the V8! less miles than mine and cleaner! and I wouldn't even sell mine at that price (though close).
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    Snow !!!!!!!!

    Yokohama Geolandar AT-S I seem to just float on top of the snow with them on, there's a noticeable increase in traction with some worn 245 Goodyear Fortera HLs I got for free from the tire shop I worked at....right before i got laid off. Not to mention it was hard to stomach as bad as 9mpg...
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    Snow !!!!!!!!

    I put the stock 245/65/17s back on my explorer last week and damn I actually have traction now. The 265s were horrible in snow. but it was realllly fun sliding around (when i wanted to)
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    HID headlights on 2003 Explorer, need anything?

    I got my kit from DDM Tuning today and even though it was 10 degrees outside it took me about an hour total, but less if you're in a warm garage. It's simple. I had to reverse the wires like other people had to, but all I simply did was turn the connector around and plug it in, there was no...
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    Anyone recommend a certain type of HIDs?

    I ordered from DDM tuning as I've seen others recommend on this site. I should receive them tomorrow
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    Winter Issues, Drivers Door Stuck "OPEN"

    so far PB Blaster (penetrating oil) has worked for me, I've had this problem with both of the Fords I've owned so far. Tried WD40 and it worked for one day and came back, but so far PB has worked
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    No heat. And cant control def to vent setting

    Just did a thermostat a couple weeks ago. Very easy. Three screws and it's out, replace, put screws back on. I believe there's a hose connected to it but anyway you'll see it. Expect coolant to spill out too ps. I'm assuming you have the 4.0L, because that's how it was on mine
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    Frozen Valve Stem?

    I hate fix a flat at work. Rarely does it even work, it just makes a mess when changing tires
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    4X4 vs 4X2 fuel mileage

    Hey Retired, I'm wondering has the mileage gone back down since you've replaced the ujoint and shaft? Thanks for your info so far
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    Outside cold air thru glove compartment

    I'm glad people were able to get this sorted out and problematic parts replaced. I talked to a few techs at work and none of them really want to do it because of the labor involved and the fact that I'm a poor college student and don't really want to pay much haha. I stuck a glove in front of...
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    Outside cold air thru glove compartment

    I would say it's definitely the reason it feels drafty inside.
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    Opinion Needed

    If you put the stock springs back in you'll have essentially what chris does right? RB spacers plus the Ranger BL? If so, I don't see why it wouldn't work. Not sure if it'd be worth it, but it would look good.
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    truck stalls

    Mine did this a few times last year but ONLY in the winter, even if I started it up for five minutes before putting it in reverse (remote starter). It never did it last summer, and now this winter it's done it a couple times so far. I'm not sure why, but it seems I've had a similar problem...