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    20" saleen mustang rims

    I would be careful, those are probably off a newer style Mustang with the offset is set in more than we need. You may need to use wheel spacers to make them sit right. Other than that they would look great!
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    mountaineer aftermarket grilles

    I tried an Explorer billet grill flipped upside down but it didnt work for me. Maybe because I bought a cheap ebay one, the curves didnt line up and the underside of each billet piece was hollow, kinda like [ I cut the stock grill out, I bought some aluminum stock with holes from ebay and...
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    mountaineer aftermarket grilles

    I think you mean you want a 98-2001 Mountaineer grill, header panel, headlights and corner marker lights. Try a junk yard or craigslist for a broken truck. If you mean a custom grill, then make one. I did.
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    mustang rims and 256/70/17

    Yup, I have some 1995 Mustang GT tri-spoke rims I got for free and refinished them gunmetal myself. I also got some half tread 245/65/17 for free and I rub at close to full steering lock at the same spot. I lowered the front end 1" to match the rear. I got some 225/65/17 im putting on next...
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    Aftermarket headlights

    1. You would have to cut out your stock grill to the correct size(your choice), I used my Dremel tool. 2. Purchase the grill material(I got mine from ebay) and cut it to the correct size(about 2 inches or so larger in each direction). 3. Cut one inch out of the outer edge every other inch...
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    magnaflow exhaust

    I had Magnaflow dual 2 1/2" in dual 2 1/2" out muffler on my 96 V8 Explorer and it sounded great! The older it gets the more it drones inside the truck though. Cat back exhausts should only yield like 5-10 horsepower. Even less for just a muffler change. Our trucks need new headers to see any...
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    neat little Offroading switch pannel

    Yeah I found out that paint stripper eats plastic. I tried it on my first radio bezel. Then I had to sand, fill, and sand to smooth out the surface cracks in the plastic. I then primed and painted it body color.
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    Aftermarket headlights

    I like the painted grill and clear corner look with the Mountaineer. I was contemplating putting a very very light tint on the headlights and corner lights. Mine:
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    my 96 xlt...

    How about a little info on the truck
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    Best place to buy HID kit?

    Ive bought a couple of sets for myself and friends from They are also a ebay seller too but I would rather buy directly from them. Single beam conversion totaled $67?
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    wheel/tire combo's

    I got a free set of 95 Mustang GT 17" rims and free 245/65/17 tires ive been running for a couple a couple months. I would rather run 18" with 255/55/18 or 20" rims and tires.
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    radio bezel in bad shape

    I have done two of them. The first was really easy as it was fake woodgrain and with some light sanding, prime, paint, and clearcoat. The first time I used Duplicolor Mirage blue to red. But it was purple most of the time then changed it to body color(blue). I also did the window switch bezels...
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    AWD for drag racing?

    I would basically build your truck up with power then when traction starts becoming an issue decide to go AWD or get better traction through a better tire compound or something. I have AWD and its nice being able to cut the wheel and mash the gas to get in a tight spot in traffic with out...
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    True dual exhaust...

    I have true duals pipes with one Flowmaster 40series being used as an H-pipe. Sounds great and seems quicker. With TMH it doesnt have a bigger collector so no need to modify or replace the down pipes. My exhaust is 2 1/2 pipes, one Flowmaster 40 dual in-dual out, 2 1/4 pipes to fit around the...
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    Exhaust setup

    I dont believe their is a big market for something like that but I have a set of Magnaflow down pipes with cats for sale if you are interested. They look really nice and look better than factory cats. Dont know if the flow anybetter. I got rid of the truck before I could put them on.
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    Ex on Cobra's

    The tires are a little small but dont look bad because its a Sport. If you had a full size 4 door it would look bad. I like the Cobra wheels, 96 and 03 styles!:thumbsup:
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    Carbon fiber bodywork

    Not really but what are you trying to do/make?
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    How to: 2nd Gen Gauge Cluster Removal and LED Conversion V2

    I did the same thing with my 1996 Explorer. I used the white refractor led style and my green cluster numbers lit a nice blue color when installed. I assume in 98+ the green color of the numbers is thicker. Non of mine burnt out except in my girlfriends car in her parking lights. They started...
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    New Mod? Range Rover Headlights

    Much better! I wondering how long it was going to take you to do something about that. I knew you would.
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    X92's ZX2

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    v8 5.0 engine explorer on 240sx

    If you have room for a taller rear tire it will give you some more time before your redline.
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    Need tips for modding my '05 GT

    I love my Magnaflow Magnapacks with off-road X-pipe, but miss my Flowmaster idle sound. I put up this video to ask someone why my built-up rearend was only spinning one tire sometimes with slicks.
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    Need tips for modding my '05 GT

    Im on and :D I would go on the forums and search for some answers, rule out some questions you have, youtube exhausts to listen too, and then ask questions that may be more specific. But you know how these forums work!;) If you are going to have offroad...
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    mountaineer grill

    Just gotta make your own!:D