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    HELP stuck in snow near Grayling, MI

    Hey guys. I'm posting from my Treo. My Subaru Forester is stuck on a seasonal road west of Grayling, north of M72. If any of you guys are nearby and could give me a tug (ive got a strap) please call me 517-285-1798. It isn't THAT stuck. I've been here a few hours...some snowmobilers tried to...
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    '96 keyless entry pinout

    Hey guys, I'm dealing with the keyless entry module from a '96 model year 5.0L XLT. Any of you guys have the wiring diagram or pinout for the two harnesses that connect into it? Thanks
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    4.6L head swap?

    Can 3 or 4 valve heads be swapped onto our motors? As I understand it it can be done with like Mustangs. I find the 4.6L in my Mounty to be pretty gutless otherwise. Thanks
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    Power pedals keep moving inward

    Howdy. 2003 Mounty... I haven't seen them move yet, but everytime I lock the doors and come back, I find that the pedals have moved so they're closest to the driver's seat. I've tried setting the right position using the seat memory, but that doesn't help. It's kind of annoying having to move...
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    Buying a 3rd gen...what to look for?

    Howdy. I searched around but couldn't find what I'm looking for... I'm very interested in a 2002 at a local Ford dealer. It's a black Limited with black leather. 89k miles, 4.0L, Control Trac, silver alloy wheels (not chrome). It looks pretty sharp, though to me it looked like the paint was a...
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    Automatic trans reliability

    Hey guys... I haven't made up my mind, but I'm thinking I'd like to buy either a 2nd gen 5.0L or a 3rd gen, don't know if I'd go 4.0L or 4.6. Anyway, in reality, are these transmissions reliable and long-lived? I'd be buying a 4x4 model with under 100k miles. Does the five speed auto hold...
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    Is there a such thing? 4 door, manual, SOHC?

    Were there any 4 door Ex's with the 5 speed manual tranny and 4.0 SOHC? And 4x4 too.
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    Speedometer gear

    Hey guys. Got a question... A while back I replaced the tranny in my XL with a junkyard pull. I'm not sure exactly what vehicle it came from, but was told it was a '92 Explorer (did not get to see it for myself). I plugged my existing, stock speedometer gear and cable into it (yellow) and...
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    High oil consumption

    Hey guys. I'm planning on taking my '92 XL on a trip to Florida. I'm not really worried about it, but the thing uses quite a bit of oil. If it's right after I change it (been using 10w30 name brand conventional in warm weather, 5w30 when cold), it may be a few hundred miles before I need to...
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    My idea to fight against rust

    Howdy. I've been thinking about this for a while. My '93 Limited is getting some crust on the underside of the floorboards and the usual on the axles, etc. The truck's not about to fall through, but I'm going to own it for a long while still. Right now though, it's position is my winter everyday...
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    Where I've been

    In the past year or so, I haven't posted much. More like not at all. With good ol' 4.0 OHV fuel mileage, my Limited has been in storage and my XL has seen little use. They're stored indoors, so no worries. However, I am back though. I'm preparing the Limited for this winter. 1st on the list...
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    A4LD transmission governor

    Howdy. I'm bringing the Limited out of storage. Its been having the classic no-shift-when-cold, indicating a faulty transmission governor. I've red a few threads about it and would like to go ahead and replace it myself. What's the part number, or part numbers, of the governor and anything...
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    Heater core valve?

    Howdy. I once read about 2nd gens having an electric valve on the heater core hoses, that would stop coolant flow to the core when the air con was on, since there's still a little bit of airflow going through the core. Turning off coolant to the core would result in cooler air con. Is this...
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    A/C charge good, still no cold air

    Howdy. Looking for some opinions... My '92 XL air con isn't doing much good. When I stored it, the compressor spins fine, and I had my mechanic check the pressure (R12) and he said it was within spec (I watched). Nevertheless, it's only doing like 10 degrees cooler than outside temp. 70...
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    A/C questions

    Howdy. I miss driving my truck. I miss the board. I think I'm back. Remind me to update my signature. I haven't got my '92 XL out mainly cuz the air con died. It has a good charge of R12 (had it checked by my mechanic). The compressor engages and all and seems to act normal, but he said that...
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    '99 E350 HVAC blower motor

    Howdy. My dad's now got a '99 Econoline E350, with da Power Stroke :) Great van. Been having an issue with the heater/air con blower motor. Any any speed setting on the dash, it only seems like it's on low. I measured power at the blower motor connector under the hood, and it has 12V+...
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    4R70W kinda not shifting

    Howdy. I wanted to post in the Transmissions and transfer cases board, but didn't want to PO anyone... My buddy's got a '96 Mustang GT with around 75k miles (I can't remember), so this would be a 4R70W like a Five Oh Second Gen. He called me tonight and wasn't in a good mood. He says he needs...
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    new Toyota FJ Cruiser

    Coming as a 2007... official Toyota link Seems like a nice machine to me. Larger 2 door SUV with their 4.0L DOHC V6, differential lock, and manual tranny available. I think it's good in a time where SUVs are losing low range and becoming more like cars. And, hey, it's a Toyota. They...
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    '98 E250 trouble codes

    Howdy. My dad's work vehicle is a '98 Ford 3/4 ton Econoline 250. 4.6L. Around 225k miles with no real engine repairs. He did have the transmission rebuilt at 165k, but otherwise has been a good drivetrain. I think it's the 4R70W. He's been one of those that kinda ignores CEL/SES lights...
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    About the dude that just got a Blazer...

    In a recent thread somewhere here, someone bought a somewhat overpriced Blazer on ebay... Could he get the Advance Adapters 700R4 kit, and install a Ford 4.0L V6 in the Blazer? If the Blazer has a good tranny, but a not that great motor, and the Explorer has an awful tranny and a great...
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    headlights suck

    Howdy. I've put up with this for a while... The headlight performance on my Limited (and the GT) is dismal. I'm running Sylvania Silverstars and the original Ford headlight assemblies. They're not excessively cloudy or anything and you can see inside them pretty well. The thing is that the...
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    Do you live the Explorer lifestyle?

    I'm going to keep this subject open :D
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    Aftermarket speedometer

    Part of a cool mod I want to do... This is involving my '92 XL (manual tranny). I would like to know if an aftermarket electronic speedometer can be used without having to get the converter kit. I know my truck has a cable driven speedo but there's a sensor on the cable/gear for cruise...
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    JBL stock system still sounds good

    Any of you guys still running the stock head unit, amp, and speakers on a 1st gen with the JBL system? My Limited is still all stock (besides replacing the 6.5 sub a few times and adding a hardwired modulator). I used to have the stock CD player but it died so I picked up a used JBL tape deck...
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    CB antenna

    Howdy. Is there like a CB antenna that I can have on my truck that like lays down? Would the reception be any good? I was wondering if I could attach one to the luggage rack. I've got a Wilson but I'd like something that I don't have to remove to park in the garage or go through the auto wash...