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    Blown motor?? Let's just swap it out for a v8

    If you pull the plugs stand back, even turning by hand will spray some serious amount of water.
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    Solved Missing while idling

    I guess that I should say that using propane with a wand or hose is better, the gas gets in low places like that and is a little easier to prevent fire but that requires a little prior preparation or manufacture at the time.
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    2000 5r55e Tranny's

    One of the finest sources of trans fixes and info: In this case type in 5r55e in the top left search box (search by title).
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    Solved Missing while idling

    Plus one on the pcv elbow. If you can hear the vacuum leak either put your finger or something in the hose or spray some throttle body cleaner (CAREFULLY, remember the stuff burns) at the suspected vac leak or around the intake generally and listen to see if the runneng of the engine changes...
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    What sensor would tell ECM to not allow spark?

    BTW, this can affect fuses also.
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    What sensor would tell ECM to not allow spark?

    I see that my post didn't go through so I'll try again. The reason likely is a connector pin that is getting hot and loosing contact. Years ago I had an Explorer come in with a no start and it turned out to be the connection of the main relay in the relay box. Use a spade connector to plug in...
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    What sensor would tell ECM to not allow spark?

    Among other things it could be poor connection of the connection pins in the relay box to one of the relays or fuse but look at wire connections in things you might have moved first. Make sure they are tight.
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    Solved Differential Swap

    As someone that has both lost the car once and saved it another time I can assure you that a very slippery road can do you damage. I found that if you have the presence of mind to push the clutch in or put the trans in neutral you can probably straighten it out if it hasn't gotten too far out of...
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    I need some help diagnosing what this is?

    While this is an infrequent issue don't forget that a defective diode in the alternator can cause a LOT of problems now that everything is controlled by a computer. If there is any AC on the normally DC line the poor computer doesnt know if it is a sensor signal or just what and there is no...
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    Chasing the p0108 code

    Since you have mentioned it, a bad alternator (actually defective diodes) can cause all sorts of odd problems. The reason is that a leaking diode will allow ac voltage on what should be a rectified dc line and computers see what they think is a "signal" from a sensor and there is no telling what...
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    Chasing the p0108 code

    The video is quite good if you happen to have access to a scanner. For those of us that just want a quick (and pretty accurate) idea on the cheap try this: hook up a vacuum gauge to manifold vacuum and see what the idle vac reading is. Then rev the engine up to around 2K to 2500. The vacuum...
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    Rodents eating my wiring harness.

    There have been several good suggestions posted and I will offer one more. Thinking of very bad tasting liquids that could be put on the wiring you might consider the stuff that is sold to put on a childs thumb to stop them from sucking it. I am not sure what it tastes like but our daughter only...
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    2000 Ford Explorer won't start

    First, many of the auto parts stores will loan out tools, you may not need to buy a fuel pressure gauge. Second, while this is a long shot, I've seen computers do some stupid things when the power level gets low so you might try taking the negative battery cable off for a minute or so and then...
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    Vacuum Increases With Throttle?

    This is actually a good quick test for a restricted exhaust, if you measure vacuum at idle (this reading should not be excessively low, 20" is great) and then quickly open the throttle to 3-4 K revs the vacuum reading will go down and then back up as the engine gets up to speed. The reading at...
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    Radio / Clock display problem 1998 and up Explorers ( blank / fade / blanks / fades )

    The radio is not modified only repaired, the links are to replacement boards that feed the digital display. The radio itself only accepts one cd the console cd caddy holds the others and they are selected by the numbered buttons on the faceplate.
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    Radio / Clock display problem 1998 and up Explorers ( blank / fade / blanks / fades )

    I did some looking myself and found this: they have an ebay store also: At $75 this is much more...
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    Radio / Clock display problem 1998 and up Explorers ( blank / fade / blanks / fades )

    I wouldn't argue with that at all, it would be a last resort if someone was bound and determined to keep their Mach radio. Would you be good enough to give us the link or a search phrase to find the board on Amazon?
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    Fuel Pump DOA

    SoNic67 said it well, that long tank is a bit of a balancing challenge but not really hard to do overall. Along with the pump, be sure to check the fuel pump and main power relays under the hood to be sure that a poor pin connection or bad relay isn't an issue. I've had them be the real problem...
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    Radio / Clock display problem 1998 and up Explorers ( blank / fade / blanks / fades )

    Just an update on my previous post about the availability of replacement boards, (#91). Since that link no longer works use this one to get on the Encompass website then search for part number HWM0043 or their suggested replacement number HWM5467. Right now it's $181.25 (ouch!)...
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    Wanted Anyone ran into this

    The pats light should blink with the key off and when the key is turned to the run position it will come on solid for a few seconds while the key is being verified and then it will go out completely. If the light is on while you are trying to start the engine the system sees something it doesn't...
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    Radio / Clock display problem 1998 and up Explorers ( blank / fade / blanks / fades )

    Make sure to check the resistance of the large one and two watt resistors. On mine the resistance was too low on two of them (too little resistance allows too much current flow = too much heat). I've ordered all new ones and plan to leave the leads long so the resistors will stand well above the...
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    No start/ignition, no windows

    Electrical parts are filled with smoke and only work properly if the smoke stays in them. If smoke comes out, part stops working. Jokes aside, what fuses did you replace, what systems did they protect? If you used the correct fuses the affected one should have blown. Could you tell if the...
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    Oil Sending Unit

    I know that it might not be necessary but I freak out when I see a possible oil pressure problem and all I have is a glorified idiot light to warn me that my engine could be heading for trouble. I would strongly recommend checking the actual pressure with a mechanical guage before trusting your...
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    Gas milage problem please help!!

    To add some more possibilities: the mass air sensor could be going bad, there could be air leaks either on the intake side or exhaust, if on the intake side the mass air sensor won't see the air but the o2 sensors will and the system will enrichen the mixture. If there is a leak on the exhaust...