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    Positive battery cable

    Hi there. I have a 2003 explorer sport xls 5 speed. I need a positive battery cable with fusible links. They've discontinued the part but I noticed they still have a 2003 4.0liter ranger cable. Would I be able to use that instead?
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    check engine light on after replacing engine mgmt sensors

    Hello. My check engine light just went on just after I replaced the IAC valve, TPS, and Camshaft position sensor. The last 2 I just replaced today. The IAC valve about 2 weeks ago. I know squat about auto mechanics. I just thought it being a '03 sport with 126,000 mi, it would be a good...
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    94 JBL subwoofer and amp enclosure fit a 98 sport?

    I bought an OEM JBL subwoofer/amp enclosure for the passenger rear compartment from a 94 Xplorer for my 98 Xplorer Sport which has the same compartment but instead of the subwoofer mine has a net with a small storage. I was told it would fit, all I have to do is remove panel. Is this possible...
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    Which amp should I buy?

    I've got 2 JL audio TR570 CXi for the rear and 2 polk audio 5"x7" db571 for the front. My HU is a VR3 Roadmaster vrvd640g dvd, gps, all in one. I am clueless when it comes to audio anything and I'd really appreciate any input on what type of amp, how many channels etc. Thanks in advance.
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    new guy here

    :D Hello. I just signed up and have a '98 ford explorer sport 5 sp manual. Great to be a member...