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    2018 Ford Explorer Sport electrical issues

    Last week our Explorer (12 months old/20K miles) had the battery suddenly die on us. Tried jumping it from another vehicle with no luck. Roadside sent a tow company out to take to dealership but they were able to jump with a box and recommended we just drive it and it should be fine drive around...
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    Picking up Monday

    Well we finallydecided and pulled the trigger. We pick up our 18 Explorer Sport in Magnetic on Monday. What recommendations for simply mods and what should we keep an eye for? They don’t seem to have many problems that I’ve seen but what are the biggest things to watch for?
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    Custom iPad headrests?

    So we are looking at purchasing a new Explorer Sport in the next couple months. My wife is insisting on getting a in car entertainment system for the kids even though they all have iPad or phones because my youngest has issues getting sick staring down at the screen but is fine watching DVD'd...
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    Future Explorer Owner

    Thanks for the add. Looking to buy a Explorer Sport either late this year or early in 2019 depending on how long it take to find the one we want.