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    Radiator Failure

    yes, it's very common for the radiators on the 4th gens to leak/ fail at the seam between the plastic radiator tank and the radiator core. other members have replaced the radiator cap from the stock 20psi cap to a 16 psi with success to stop this exact issue. it might be worth it to get a 16psi...
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    Transfer case leak issue - relief reservoir?

    so what the transfer case has (its the same with any gear case) is a vent tube that goes up higher in the vehicle to prevent water from getting in. there is no expansion tank. the transfer case is the tank and you dont fill them 100% full with oil this allows expansion of the of the fluid and...
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    AC Schrader Valve for High and Low side

    in some ac systems both high side and low side valve cores are the same the quick connect size is always different so you cant hook up the gauges wrong. it looks like you will need YF2448 and YF3290. what I would do is buy an automotive ac service master core kit. you can get them for cheaper...
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    One bad plug

    yeah it can happen. I had a similar story with my v6 where I had a motorcraft spark plug bought from advance auto parts fail in about the same amount of miles. except I didn't have any codes to go off the vehicle would just start jerking while under load but only with a very specific set of...
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    Solved A/C LOSS CLIMBING HILLS check out post #4 its shows the location in red and should be similer location for both v8 or v6
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    That does sound like a bad ac check valve. does the airflow go to the defrost position when it happens? this would definately indicate a bad ac check valve.
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    Weird PCM issues? I have bad news...

    The wire issues you have seen have been well documented on the fourm for the 4th gens is actually one of the first recommendations to look for if you are having any engine related issue. the thread name is Found my ghosts in the machine. I have a 2010 and have not had any issues yet. if you a...
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    AC not working in 2006 Explorer

    well I hope it's just that relay let us know if that was the permanent fix for you. just an fyi keep an eye on the passender side frame the rear ac lines run down the rocker pannel and can rub on each each other eventually causing a leak and it will show up on the frame as an oil spot.
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    AC not working in 2006 Explorer

    do you have rear ac? and it's possible you have multiple problems. one thing you can easily check is to open the hood start the engine turn on the ac and look at the ac compressor to see if it is spinning if its not the you may have not have refrigerant.
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    AC not working in 2006 Explorer

    you may have a blend door issue do you have manual or auto temp controls? I have the manual controls and the driver side does not blow very strong. When the ac compressor was changed was it done by a shop and also why was it changed?
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    Coolant Leaking in Rear

    That would most likely work just fine and would probally be cheaper than the ford replacements.
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    Coolant Leaking in Rear

    if the hose has a hole then you will need to replace it i dont know the part number for the hoses so i cant help you there.
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    Coolant Leaking in Rear

    most likely you dont have to replace the hose over time rust will weaken the spring clamp and the hoses will start to leak. go get some stainless steel worm drive hose clamps and using a pair of pliers you will be able to break the rusted spring clamps on the leaky hose. once you have removed...
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    Shop says my explorer is finished, is this true?!

    From what I could find with magnaflow part number 5551672 autozone or summit racing may have them and that is the carb compliant number for the v6 engine.
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    AC HP Line Leak / Repair

    If you are just replacing the seal you probably don't need to add any unless you are replacing a major part for example condenser, compressor, evaporator, system dryer... etc. some refrigerant kits have oil already in them so its a good idea to check the labeling. also if you don't have a vacuum...
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    Odd Brake Rotor / System Problems

    The first couple sets where probally Chinese made. The rest of the rotors and pads to my knowledge where made in the uk or usa. If by chance I wear out this current set I may go back to motorcraft but it is unlikely. I just wanted to post an update to anybody that may come across the thread in...
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    Odd Brake Rotor / System Problems

    Well its been 2 years almost to the day and I had to replace the front rotors due to the vibrations. So two years ago I put on ebc rotors and greenstuff brake pads along with replacing all the calipers. I can say the warped rotors was caused by the bottom slide pin on both front calipers they...
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    I need some help diagnosing what this is?

    It could alse be a misfire caused by plugs and wires. It is something to check along with fuel pressure. Hopefully the shop will figure out the problem. Let us know what they find.
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    I need some help diagnosing what this is?

    Ok the p0455 code is going to be a seperate issue its not causing your problems. next thing we need to know is do you have the v6 or the v8? both engine can have the same symptoms but completely different fixes. also what maintaince has been done to the car specifically drivetrain related?
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    Howl and Vibration above 40 MPH - NOT Wheel Bearings

    sounds like you have something going on in the differential. you should check the fluid level and condition first through the fill hole. If the fluid it low/ empty, milky, rusty, or looks like antiseize you have problems. The fill hole is a 3/8 drive plug on the front cover also check the rear...
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    Light for shift/gear indicator?

    If you have a multimeter check voltage on the connector for the bulb. also make sure you headlights are in the on position or the bulb may not be on.
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    Self test sequence for manual air conditioning?

    Ok thanks for the link . now the bad news is you don't have a hvac module to scan with manual hvac controls that is why you cant find anything on it. I have the same truck as yours and the hvac module does not come up in forscan on my car.
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    Self test sequence for manual air conditioning?

    i have never heard of a self test sequence for the auto ac. if you are having troubles with the ac reply with what its doing or not doing or what you are trying to accomplish. if you are looking for diagnostic trouble code i am pretty sure you wont get one for the ac system.
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    Cars rpms bog down randomly while idling

    Well there are a lot of things that can cause your issues and it could be anything from a failing sensor to vacuum leak to fuel related. Do you have a obd 2 scanner that can do live data? there are a few things you could look at while it's acting up to try and narrow it down if you do have a...
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    Cars rpms bog down randomly while idling

    What do you have running when it happens? for example lights, radio, hvac (including positions of the hvac vent selector knob). was this happening before you replaced plugs and wires? are there any check engine codes and or history codes that aren't current? last is it a v6 or v8? you mentioned...