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  1. J

    Home Depot "Husky Garage Combo Pack" review

    9 years later, and this set is till my go to jack and stands!
  2. J

    looking for on-line repair manual

    u can get the chilton's manual on cd for like $5 at pep boys. def not as good as a printed haynes manual, though
  3. J

    looking for on-line repair manual

    looking for an online repair manual? well u kind of answered your own question by coming to this site. just use the search function. also, autozone has a version of a haynes manual online
  4. J

    Front Brakes..

    the explorer's brake system is undersized to begin with, and this is one area you dont generally want to compromise on. I have used OEM rotors and autozone reman'd calipers with no problems, but I would suggest to at least buy a better set of pads. Good pads will not only help your rotors last...
  5. J

    Vehicle Fire Extinguisher Explosion - FYI

    ouch, that thing had to have seen some heavy abuse for that to happen. Maybe it had been used as a makeshift sledge hammer a few too many times and the damaged metal finally gave way when the pressure rose. If you ave one in your truck, those metal ones should last a long time. Every month or...
  6. J

    91 xlt problems

    might try resetting the computer. it may have "learned" to deal with a vacuum leak and plugging the leak throws its settings off. you say it has strong fumes. do they smell like gasoline or exhaust? you might also try running a bottle or two of seafoam through the vacuum lines to try to...
  7. J

    whining nose

    autohub wouldnt make noise while parked. could be idler pulley or vacuum leak.
  8. J


    that being said, you should still engage it every once in a while (at least once a month) and drive for a few feet so everything stays lubricated. This is important if you only drive on pavement and dont get to actually use 4x4 that often.
  9. J

    anyone ever had this happen?

    so today my friend asked me to fix his car's DVD player today. So I went out and got some rubbing alcohol and q-tips to clean the lens. After I was done, I used the qtips to clean the battery contacts and so far so good, but we are having a party tonight, so i guess ill see then if its...
  10. J

    anyone ever had this happen?

    well since last time it worked fine it hasnt seen any heat. i took it home to take some pics and left it w/o batteries in my desk for about a month and then when i went to use it again i noticed it does this. i should clarify that it DIDNT always do this. when i first got it, i could go for a...
  11. J

    anyone ever had this happen?

    sorry i forgot to mention they are rechargeable. it came with 2aa sony rechargables and charger. the OEM batteries work fine in every other device, but its almost as if the camera is short-circuited internally, draining the batteries. but when it has freshbatteries in it, it works fine, but if...
  12. J

    anyone ever had this happen?

    Ive had my sony dsc-p73 camera for over a year now. great camera, handles all the abuse i throw at it, which is quite a bit since im a firefighter and i keep it in my turnout gear and use it to take pics on calls. recently, something weird has been happening. it eats batteries like you would...
  13. J

    Sony/Alpine headunits with Unilink - who's got em?

    Hey everyone, I have had my sony xplod headunit for a few years now. I just got a Dell mp3 player, and one thing that really annoys me is that, even though the headunit DOES have AUX IN connectors, i cant use them without a unilink device to turn them on! Great design Sony :rolleyes: So I...
  14. J

    Garage floor?

    my dad bought that epoxy stuff to do the garage floor in my parent's new (as of july '04) place. My dad has TERRIBLE workmanship because, quite frankly, he is the laziest person I know when it comes to diy projects and stuff like that. He didnt degrease or etch the concret (when he did it, it...
  15. J

    Police Scanner Does Not Hold Memory

    if it has EEPROM, it shouldnt need a battery. it just sounds like maybe it wasnt programmed right? Do you maybe need to "lock" the banks (thereby committing the channels to memory) after you are done programming it? Also, since it doesnt have an IGN sense wire, it would prob be a good idea to...
  16. J

    cold start idle

    a somewhat rough idle is normal on initial startup, especially for a 13 year old car. but if its pretty bad, you might benefit from a tuneup - new plugs/wires, oil change, maybe use a lower viscocity synthetic if you live where it gets really cold. also, seafoam works wonders to smooth out...
  17. J

    i smell gas after replaced FPR

    is there any test i can perform to confirm a bad solenoid before i replace it?
  18. J

    i smell gas after replaced FPR

    so thats basically a part of the emissions system? that would cause bad mileage would it?
  19. J

    i smell gas after replaced FPR

    no CEL, no dripping gas. smells outside, under the hood after cas has run for a while. i have reason to beleive it might have been my truck running too rich. i reset the computer to relearn the settings and ill let you know how it turns out.
  20. J

    electrical/engine (?) question

    if that fails, check all your vacuum lines. an open vacuum line can cause a weird idle as well.
  21. J

    hot hubs....

    like 410fortune said - calipers are $12 at autozone (with lifetime warranty :D ) i put mine on a year and a half ago and in may i was experiencing some problems i thought might be stuck caliper. autozone traded me for a new one, no questions asked, no reciept needed.
  22. J

    cruse control problem??

    yep it does apply to you, only difference is that there is a connection to the clutch that disengages cruise when you press the clutch in. i have archived in my gmail account an excelent website on ford cruise control. it has since been taken down, but the author sent me a copy. PM me...
  23. J

    i smell gas after replaced FPR

    Hey guys, last year replaced the FPR on my truck and dropped my tank to replace the opening that had rusted out. now i smell gas and get real bad gas mileage. anybody know what else could be wrong?
  24. J

    cruse control problem??

    check the vacuum connection. mine was capped at the vacuum tree, so it wouldnt work. i spent $.80 on a length of rubber fuel line, and it worked great.
  25. J

    hot hubs....

    check/clean your autohubs (goto useful threads forum, find thread called "explorer maitnence page" or something similar, and there is very good info on cleaning your hubs there), also check your brakes. might also be a sign of a stuck caliper.