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    my coil over ideas

    so ive been weighing the pros and cons between just replacing my torsion bars since the drivers side bar is torqued all the way up and just going for coil overs and getting rid of them any tips/input is appreciated looking through sites like at their builder parts i was...
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    possible head gasket?

    so this all started about a year ago when i noticed that on the highway i would get a slight intermittent jerk in the car. pretty much say a loaded misfire. it has slowly gotten worse to now where i cant get on it and as soon as i blimp the throttle on the highway or try to drive it up a hill in...
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    flywheel/slave cylinder shims

    so ive been reading a lot about some of the drawbacks to the aftermarket parts for the flywheels and slave cylinders for the m50r1 transmissions. the fitment isnt as perfect as the stock parts and most people seem to be able to tell a negative difference in shifting and clutch engagement with...
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    v8 swap or v6 build

    so ill start by saying i am new to the site as a member. ive trolled the site for a while but figured its time to be a member. i bought my 95 explorer last year. i scrapped the ltd i had before but kept the built 302 from it and imediately thought of swapping it. my thing now is finding out what...
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    why hello there

    well i figure it was time to register to the site. since i bought my explorer last year ive been trolling this site for info to anything. right now its for info on doing a v8 swap. parts i got now v8 m50r2 trans planning on using a 4406 electric shift and found out ill need expedition...