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    speaker size

    ive bean searching Google and the answers for my question changes from 5x7 to 6x9 so i decided to sit here and try to remember my password for explorer forum witch i finely remembered but yeah basically witch size is my speakers i have a 98 mercury mountaineer
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    interor light help

    ok this is gunna be a little hard to explain but when i got my truck there was to wires sticking out of the dash that when ever the 2 touched the interior light worked but the problem was that they stayed on and i followed the wires back and the 2 wires where jamed in between the headlight...
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    speaker help

    what speaker size is the doors and i am hooking up an amp for all the door speakers to be run throo so each speaker gits 300wats at max valume so what speaker might you sugest to handle that power
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    fog light switch and brights

    alright i know this is gunna make me seem dumb but where is the fog light switch and how do i turn on the brights thanks in advance for the help
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    i am tired of these doors pleas please help me with this its about to rain

    OK i was messing with my front door trying to fix it so it will open and i got it to open but i pressed on the latch of the door the part that holds it closed and the bottom part of the latch will open but the top part wont open and dint notice it so i slammed my door closed and it jammed that...
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    Door trouble

    ok basically take off the door panel you should see a metal rod with this stuff wrapped around it just pull up really hard on it and thats it
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    Door trouble

    ok i fixed the back door i bent the metal rod that connects the handle to the mechanism and it worked perfectly
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    Door trouble

    i tried that a couple days ago pulling it really hard but all that happened is the handle broke and i had to go to a junk yard a git another one for like 2 bucks but still thats also how i know the inside handle is hooked up just isn't working but thanks for the info i might try that...
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    Door trouble

    i have a 98 Mounty and the the back passenger side door only opens from the out side i thought it was just the child safety lock but that isn't it so i opened up the panel and i looked at the wire that gits pooled to open the door and it seemed to be fine but the door still wont open from the...
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    well its my birthday.

    happy birthday
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    cold air intake and exhaust

    lol about we just ignore that stupid question i asked :D
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    cold air intake and exhaust

    has it given you any better mpg and i think i will go with the mac..but who is james?
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    will this work on a mountaineer

    well see my bro went up there to check it out and tell me the specs and all that because i had a date..and he said that it was a 5.0 V8 but i went and looked at it last night and its not
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    will this work on a mountaineer

    i found this on ebay and i was wondering if this would work on my 1999 mountaineer
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    cold air intake and exhaust

    ok i was wondering what is a good cold air intake kit for my mountaineer..i have found a bunch and i just wanna know witch one will work the best. Also what do you think i should do with my i have had a couple ideas i want better gas mileage with it..and i was thinking that i...
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    mercury mountaineer crossover parts

    thanks, that is good to know because i searched for some Mercury mountaineer aftermarket parts and i could hardly find any thing
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    mercury mountaineer crossover parts

    what all parts can cross over from a second gen explorer to a second gen if i git a lift kit for a 99 explorer will it work on my 99 mountaineer?
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    Tow rope

    Just go for a chain its cheep and strong..i use them all the time to pull out stumps and small trees
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    I am selling my X

    so how hard/easy would it be to find aftermarket parts..i am gunna have 500 dollars to throw into this does anybody make a cold air intake for it..also what do you think i should buy for the truck wit the 500 dolars...just pretend if it was yours...and thanks for all the help every one
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    I am selling my X

    lol the guy is only willing to sell it to me..but so for real is it a good deal
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    I am selling my X

    Well the dude who sold me my explorer..he is dying so he is selling off all of his trucks really brother Paul is gunna by my explorer for $1500 and the guy is selling a Mercury mountaineer for $ is a 4wd V8 with power every thing and leather seats also it has a sun roof there...
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    cops involved and i swear if a cop ever says this again ile punch him in the mouth

    lol shure thing..i have some pics of my truck after it got washed off a bit but there is still mud all over it thoe...i even wrote help on the window when i was trying to flag some one down..there up on my myspace:D