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    brake too soft, and sometimes hard to stop

    Hello, My brake started to have issue about a year ago, sometimes when I brake, the car would gradually slow down, then at the last moment, the brake would suddenly losing the grip and I had to release the brake and brake again to make the car stop. My front brake /rotor was replaced 2 years...
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    smell when switch to floor vent

    My 2011 explorer did not give me any smell when I turn on AC/heat , 3 options ( windshield, face, floor) all worked. But recently when I switch to floor setting, I could smell something, when I switch back to windshield or face position, there is no smell. I have some old leak from front...
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    Front right Axle Assembly part # for 2011 explorer base model

    I have noise and vibration from front of my 2011 explorer base FWD model, after inspection, my mechanic told me to get front right CV Half Shaft Assembly as he could not order aftermarket part and it's already late on Saturday afternoon. Since this is Canadian vehicle, I can not search parts...
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    Any indication something wrong with the water pump

    Can you help me to check if this is normal? My car is 2011 explorer base model, 87K Miles, I do not believe dealer ever filled the coolant during all these oil changes, I do 6 months oil change at Ford dealer ship in Toronto, Canada. Below is the coolant position , should I be worried? I have...
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    2011 Explorer transmission fluid change

    I am at dealer today for oil change, and I was told I need to change transmission fluid as my explorer is over 57k KM. they told me I should change every 50k KM or it might affect my extended warranty. Should I change transmission fluid now, would it affect my warranty ? Thanks
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    FOB stops responding in garage but ok outside

    Now my 2011 ford explorer does not respond when I park it in my garage, even when I stand besides the door, it would not respond, if I sit in the driver seat and move the fob close the head light, lock/unlock button would work. If I move the car outside garage, my fob works fine up to 10...
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    Coolant temp dropped to rock bottom

    Hi guys, I remember seeing some explorer owners have coolant temp not moving up. It happend to my 2011 explorer once , the coolant temp display dropped to rock bottom after driving for 40 minutes, however once I turn off the car and turn it back on , the temp display came back to the middle...
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    Overheated after recall was done

    Got the fan motor recall done last year, however 2 months ago when my 2011 explorer was in a traffic jam, the engine overheated , once the car drives at normal speed, the temperature came done and the warning went away. During the traffic jam, I could hear the fan runing every time I stepped...
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    2011 Explorer remote starter works only press lock button first

    Hi, I Just have BB5Z-19G364-A installed on my 2011 Explorer Base model. I noticed if I don't press lock button first, no matter how many times or how long I press remote start button ( 2 times required) , the car won't start. However once I press lock button, then press remote start 2...
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    nail in tire - warranty in Canada

    My 2011 Explorer, with 15K KM. I am in Toronto. Just found out there is a nail in the left rear tire, I am wondering if it is covered by warranty. If no, should I go to dealership or Canadian tire to repair it ? What's the best method to repair it, is it patch or plug ? How much should it...