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    Fuel vapor smell 05 Gen3

    So two weeks after the 2400 trans rebuild I'm smelling fuel vapor Tonight i noticed when hood up it seems to be on passenger side. That is you can stick your head underhood and smell fumes I do not see wetness at fuel line clip on visible part of fuel rail. Nor on the two clearly visible...
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    05 G3 4x4 LTD - Turn signals, brake lights, dash lights acting up

    Very odd situation discovered today, no clear faults, here are the symptoms 1. Ignition off and lamp switch off - flashers work 2. Lamp switch off - brake lights work, now... 3. H/L switch turned to on, >>>Brake lights do NOT work 4. Turn signal left - flashes rapidly, both bulbs working, but...
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    Check Charging System

    I have a situation where the check charging system beeps on accelerations. It started a while back on just very hard wot accel. Now its down to moderate highway entry ramp type accelerations. Battery is 1 year old and checks fine. Alternator checks fine with the diagnostic checker as...
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    Trans Fluid change on a 2005 Explorer without the dip stick

    I've searched this site for about two hours looking for clear method to change fluid on the newer Explorer that does not have a dip stick. The flush from the cooler using 5 gallon pails sounds good, how do you know you get the correct amount of fluid back in the system?