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    Is It Safe To Drive?

    Anyone that has ever driven their truck with the transmission not working properly needs to read this article. Wow!
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    parking aid system speaker location

    I am trying to find the location of the speaker for the rear parking aid system. Ford says that it should be behind the trim in the left rear but if it is there they sure hid it well. Has anyone ever run across it?
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    Dome Lights Work Intermittently

    After beating my head against the wall for two days trying to find a broken wire in the driver's door wiring that was causing my dome lights to work only intermittently (when I opened the door the lights would go on and off as the door moved) I finally took the door latch out to check the switch...
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    The Effects Of Altitude

    We recently got back from a trip from NC to TX to visit relatives and of course took our camper. I saw a difference in the fuel mileage after the first day - first day 15mpg after that I got about 12mpg and the power was down. I was sure that I had damaged the catalyst pulling the camper in the...
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    4.0 OHV vs SOHC

    Are there any opinions on the ease of towing with the SOHC powered truck over the OHV engine? My 97 OHV is a little weak on the hills pulling our camper (a little under 2K lb) and I've been thinking of finding something else. I know that the V8 is hands down the strongest engine but the SOHC is...