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    Thinking about buying a 1995 Explorer

    Found a nice 95 black 4 door XLT 250,000m on Craigslist this afternoon. Guy said other than the trans not going into and sometimes delaying going into reverse it is fine expect for a couple interior blemishes (Pw not working, seats worn) Is there anything that I should know, i.e common issues...
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    Clutch master cylinder

    How common is it for the clutch master cylinder to go bad? Here's what I have going on. I has a clutch and slave cylinder put in back in March of '14. My mechanic said he used a LUK clutch kit and slave cylinder. Last September I started having issues with the clutch not disengaging and the...
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    Gutting auto hubs

    A few weeks ago I noticed my explorer feel like the suspension had tightened up, almost like it was in 4wd but since my 4wd doesn't work i knew that wasn't the case. Last night I went to change the passenger wheel bearing the previous owner royally screwed up the auto hub guts, put the hub on...
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    *Help* Blower motor switch problem

    So awhile back I posted about finding the insulation of the purple/orange wire melted away. Was waiting til spring to go to the junkyard and get another harness out of another Explorer. In the meantime I cut it at the fuseblock and not finding out til afterwards that it controls the turn...
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    Entire dash removal

    Has anyone done a how to on how to remove the entire dash assembly on a first generation? Ive got a wire (Purple/orange, circuit 298 in the wiring diagram) That has gotten extremely hot at one time and melted the insulation. I need to get back to a clean part to make a splice, can't acess the...
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    Weird problem tonight, getting worried

    So tonight im running 55 and coming up a steep hill, downshift into 3rd and go WOT, nothing. Seems to have lost all power. Kept playing with it and it would only accelerate at mid throttle, go to floor and it wouldnt do anything. Come to stop and it would rev ok but it seemed to struggle beyond...
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    Help with codes

    I cant for the life of me figure out these codes. Ive got the heads off and want to make sure its not throwing a code for the cam sensor since ive got easy access to it. Could someone please help me? Notice there is s "weak" flash before the cycle
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    Step by step head removal

    Pretty sure I blew a head gasket this morning, overheated on interstate, didnt catch it til motor died due to temp guage not working. After 20m tried to start but it was just spinning freely tried to hit once or twice. Didnt milkshake the oil. Thsts all i know as my boss pulled up to take me...
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    Normal to hear pressure plate spinning?

    Had a brand new clutch put in back in April by a reputable mechanic. Today i was sitting in a parking lot, engine running, clutch out and tranny in neutral and I swear i could hear the pressure plate spinning. Press clutch in and sound goes awsy. Is this normal? Just sounds like a spinning noise...
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    Swinging oil preasure guage

    So this morning after driving 15 or so miles between 70-85 [in my 93 XLT 5 speed] on the interstate I get off the exit and im waiting on the light to change. I hear a tapping noise that Ive never heard before, look down and see my oil preasure guage is rapidly swinging back and fourth from L to...
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    M5OD questions (93 Explorer)

    Hi New member here, bought a 93 XLT 4wd 2 weeks ago. Not my first Ford but is the first manual trans vehicle ive owned in nearly 15 years. Anyway, my uncle taught me when your coming to a stop your supposed to "row" backwards through the gears (5-4-3-2-1) and when I do alot of times it feels...