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    '94 4x4 4.0L engine seized (SOLVED, IT'S A RUNNER NOW)

    they're easy to pull and install I've done twice by myself on a 2.9 bronco II roscoe
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    1993 4.0 No Start

    there is a plug by the battery two 10 guage wires black two go to the battery terminal two go to the computer pull it apart and clean back probe to make sure it is passing electricity roscoe this is the computer ground
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    4.0 SOHC - when did it become reliable?

    well when I was a kid [i'm dating myself] 100k was a long way on an engine they got rebuilt then roscoe
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    4.0 SOHC - when did it become reliable?

    I think the sohc gets a bad rap because you have to pull the engine to replace back chain look at overhead cam chain driven and it has to be changed periodically roscoe
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    '94 4x4 4.0L engine seized (SOLVED, IT'S A RUNNER NOW)

    go to harbor freight they have an inexpensive camers that will go through the spark plug hole but I think what mbrooks says is quite accurate roscoe
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    1993 Explorer front lift

    try james duff now Duffy's roscoe
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    Question regarding 95 /96 4.0L OHV Wiring Harness/PCM Pinout differences

    the drive shaft to the cmp has splines pull the sensor up so splines are out of shaft and rotate sensor drop down on splines you should be able to rotate it where it needs to be roscoe
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    '97 XLT 4wd 200k+ miles, metal on metal scraping noise

    don't spin it shake it side to side to check for bad u-joints roscoe
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    '97 XLT 4wd 200k+ miles, metal on metal scraping noise

    get under the car with transmission in neutral wheels chocked and see if the u-joints are lose roscoe
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    Aftermarket parts that are better than OEM

    times two on the fel-pro gaskets roscoe
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    Emergency brake, 97 Explorer XLT 4x4 SOHC

    like I said in quote 9 get those shoes to seat if no contact no friction no braking roscoe
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    Emergency brake, 97 Explorer XLT 4x4 SOHC

    sounds like the brakes need seating into the drums when drum brakes were all over the place some shops had a grinder to grind the shoes to match the drums if you can't find one you will have to adjust them tight and drive until they are seated to the drum roscoe
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    too much oil/ wrong dipstick ??

    1/4 inch on the hose roscoe
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    1350/1354 doubler build

    that is a good looking doubler most look like a chicken walked across a shi* roscoe
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    old guy, wife said get a hobby, 94 explorer

    10-40on the recliners and naps roscoe
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    Finally getting to aesthetics, need opinion!

    if you have a 99 and the axle half shafts are there the front dif turns i'd bet the have a transfer case problem I didn't like the auto 4hi 4lo in my 99 roscoe
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    1350/1354 doubler build

    behemoth has a doubler that tears down the front case if I remember right it adds only four inches to the overall length I've got a 4:1 box from behemouth goes to jeep 23 spline and ford dana20 still trying to make it work plus linkage this will make my bronco II a real rock crawler roscoe
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    Troubleshooting 0171 & 0174 Code Help

    I had a 99 that would throw that code when it first got cold I reset them and they would stay off for a year roscoe
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    old guy, wife said get a hobby, 94 explorer

    the open ende cyl is probably the spindle there should be nuts and lock washer there in the back of the spindle there is another bearing and inside that is a funny looking seal roscoe
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    Pulley squeak

    if it's the ac you can pull that clutch apart and replace the bearing probably a 6205-2rs bearing roscoe
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    4.0 OHV rocker arm upgrade

    the morano rockers have a problem with the bolts that hold the plate on the head if you read the whole thread m90 rebuild[rudy] he goes into the problem roscoe
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    Can I bypass..

    sorry but there four long bolts two on each side on top and bottom of water ports from pump to block roscoe
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    99 sport runs like garbage

    check your gas cap if it leaks it will show too much air in evap circuit roscoe
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    Cruise Control - Individual Component Troubleshooting

    thank you I believe my gem is at fault will get it out and check again thank you roscoe
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    old guy, wife said get a hobby, 94 explorer

    all of my diagnostic ports were on passenger side until they moved the battery to drivers side my 94 is on drivers side roscoe