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    need help installing lift in socal area

    my friend has a 91 explorer eddiebauer and he wants to put on a suspension lift... he was looking at this lift will with lift work with 4wd? and if so are there any guys around orange county who would be willing to come down and make a day of...
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    belt squeeling?

    hey guys for the last few days when i start my car and periodicly while im driving my engine is making a loud squeeling noise. it sounds like it would be comming from the belt... do i just need a new belt or what? or is there something else thats wrong?
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    can someone look up a fuse # for me really quick?

    hey guys, im replacing my horns because i thought they were broken and i ended up blowing a fuse i think, but i dont have an owners manual. can someone please look up waht fuse correlates with the horn? i have the 96 v8... thanks a lot!
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    where can i get a new front grill?

    hey guys, i got into a small accident and broke the factory grille. now that i need to replace it, instead of getting another chrome one i think it would be cool to get one thats painted to match the green body color, then get a billet grill to put on it. or it would be best if i could find it...
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    cracked oil pan!

    hey guys... so i went offroading yesterday and got a little too much air i guess. i notice right away that i broke the clamp on the cv boot and all the greese in there is leaking all over the place. so i take the explorer in to get the boot fixed along with an oil change. then the guy notices...
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    TALK about AIR!!!

    i had a little jumping experience today and so i was looking at trucks jumping on the internet and look at what i came across... (and the first guy is an explorer!!! :D ) Dead Link Removed Dead Link Removed the rest of the pics are at Dead Link Removed there are a bunch more check it out...
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    coolchriscush - Fullerton, CA

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    gigantic custom sunroof? like no-roof?

    hey guys im probably just getting worked up on a little fling here but i think it would be really cool to cut out a lot of my roof (or all of it) to make just a huge sunroof and then have a vinal or canvas cover that zipped or somehow was weather tightly fastened to teh roof that i could...
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    sweet silver explorer outside of the "baja shop" in orange

    hey guys, i just went over to check out "the baja shop" off of chapman in orange.... and there was a sick 1st generation explorer out front. it was silver with a 2nd generation front end fiberglass conversion with custom i-beams and a buncha suspension stuff with king coils and everything. he...
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    what is the BEST mag mount for a 2'' firestik II?

    what is the BEST mag mount for a 2' firestik II? ive got the cb, just need to set up the antenna and im pretty set on a 2' firestik II but i just want to know what the best mag mount for this antenna would be. i want a mount that will keep the antenna on the car. i will have a spring on there too.
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    vapor return and test port / vapor managing valve to engine

    hey guys, well when we did my body lift a few months back we snapped this plastic valve thing that connected 2 hoses and we thoguht it was for the AC, so i pulled off the hoses (prolly a dumb move) and just stopped using the ac until i would have time to get it fixed. well its finally time to...
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    PA set up

    hey guys, i am thinking of getting a cheap cobra cb off of ebay and mounting it in the armrest and using it as a PA. now what else will i need to get besides the cb and a PA speaker? will i need an amp to power the speaker or will it be fine just plugging right into the cb? and is there any...
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    which lights should i put on the front of my car?

    here is a poll to see your guys' opinion... right now im pretty set on the lightforce 170's for now then when i get my roof rack i might move them from the bumper to the rack and get some lightforce 240s for the bumper if i feel i want to go bigger. what would you guys do?
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    how to install shocks on a 96?

    hey i just got my bilsteins in the mail and i want to install them but im not quite sure on how to do it, i searched for a bit but got kinda confused... can anybody explain how to install shocks (front and rear) (its a 96)? is there anyway i can do it without a jack (because i dont have one)
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    100k mile maintanence?

    i just crossed the 100k mark, is there any maintanence that shoudl be done? i just had an oil change and replaced the oil filter at 97.5k. should i go in for a tune up or something? any other oils to change/flush or other filters to replace?
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    steering problems offroad?

    i was at pismo beach last weekend and when driving in the sand at higher than slow speeds my steering wheel would feel really loose to my tires, like there would be a lot of give in teh wheel before it moved the tires. normally on the street the steering is pretty tight, and still is pretty...
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    pismo beach run?

    hey guys, i was just up at the dunes in pismo beach last weekend and it was sooo awesome! since my brother lives up in san louis obispo now ill be visiting up there a lot now. i was wondering if anyone was interested in making a pismo beach run to the dunes sometime and we could all get passes...
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    sand dunes run pics

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    pioneer deh-p8400 and audio stuff

    hey guys i just finished with the install of my new pioneer deh-p8400 headunit and audio bahn component speakers. here are some pics: i installed the amp under the rear seat like most people do... heres a pic of that: here the seat is down and you can see that...
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    3'' bodylift, fiberglass, custom bumpers!

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    speedo gear question (yes i have searched the subject)

    i hvae a 96 v8 awd with 3.73 gears. i am switching from my stock 29'' tires to some procomp 33's (closer to 32.5) i searched for about 30 mins on the topic of changing the speedo gear to correct the speed, but i just came up wiht a bunch of confilcting info. some people say you need more teeth...
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    ATTN socal explorers, body lift install on the 27th!

    ATTN socal explorers, EVERYONE welcome to hang out for body lift install on the 27th! hey guys, i finally got everything ready for the bodylift install. its going to be on saturday the 27th (of july) and its goin to be at my house in fullerton (orange county). if you are interested in commin...
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    code "A" torsion bars?

    im trying to find info on my torsionbars. my code on the doorpanel says: A F (i have a v8 awd by the way) i searched for info on A bars but i only found info on the B bars and the other bars but nothin on teh A. is A stiffer than b? whats the deal, does anyone know anything about code A...