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    jbl premium sound problem fixed

    hey everyone, my brother has a 96 ex and lately his sub has been sounding like...well...poop i had him order an aftermarket one and told him i would do the install since he didnt know anything about that tyoe of we get the panel off and while i noticed it earlier i could of swore the...
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    check head lamps

    i searched the lom threads but didnt see anything like my issue i have a 97 eddie with just over 40000 miles on it and when i bought the vehicle this check head lamps message would always pop up when i turned the lights on...everything works though..fog lights included. That is until tonight...
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    new member

    hey everyone just wanted to say new...ive had 3 explorers in the past all being xlt's until i found this gorgeous 97 eddie white/tan fully loaded 40xxx! i will up load some pictures really is near perfect condition!! anyways..see ya around