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    the saga continues- will my 93 X auto trans fit a 94 mazda 'jo?

    Hey guys- I am very excited. I just worked out a deal to buy a 94 mazda navajo in really nice shape next weekend. Runs like a top, everything works, 4x4 seems to work, etc. The truck has zero rust and the the body is straight as an arrow. It's sport 2 door- looks identical to my 93...
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    need serious HELP! and advice- fuel system/ pressure problem?

    hey guys- I have been working on my explorer for a couple few hours a day the last couple weeks desperately trying to get it running, heres my scenario. I had diagnosed the truck with a bad fuel pump about 1 year ago with the help of this forum. The truck had to sit for some months becasue I...
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    '93 sport 4x4 no start condition- code 542 pulled

    hi guys- I've been trying to get my truck going after parking it for the summer. It was running a little rough when I parked it, but not too bad. Now there is no fuel pump whine. I did the following test from my chiltons and I could hear the relay clicking but no fuel pump whine. put in new...
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    hello fellow explorers

    greetings from chicagoland. Looking forward to another fun winter in my explorer sport 4x4. it's a 93, forest green with red stripe. It is rusty, faded and currently broke down in need of a fuel pump. We've had this truck since 97 and the only other time it didn't start was when it needed a...