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    Help wiring 2 kicker cvr dvc

    that amp should more than enough...try to get some pics up of how its wired if not explain it step by step the best you can ...
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    Explorer Power Antenna Question

    are you the cam on youtube? and sorry i wont be much of help here but maybe if ya try wiggling or moving the antenna around see if you get reception...if soi would take it out of there and grab a new one?? i really dont know i never listen to the radio bro
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    Can I intergrate Coax speakers into a Component setup?

    when you have you budget lined up let me know what ya have to work with and i can point you in a good direction..IMO if ya want sq i would really consider selling the 15s and going with a 10 or maybe even a 12(just depends which one) 15s are just sluggers and not very accurate
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    Help wiring 2 kicker cvr dvc

    if only one was moving then something was not hooked up right going to the other sub...try re wiring it and double check it if it still doesnt work remove the subs and take a picture of how you did it
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    Can I intergrate Coax speakers into a Component setup?

    morel tempo 6s and thinkin about just going with 1 10 from now on...sq is so addicting...
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    Amp recommendation

    i would go for a rockford 500.1 or a jl slash 500
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    Lincoln Aviator - Installing aftermarket subwoofer & amplifier. splice to the rears before the amplifer
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    jbl premium sound problem fixed

    hey everyone, my brother has a 96 ex and lately his sub has been sounding like...well...poop i had him order an aftermarket one and told him i would do the install since he didnt know anything about that tyoe of we get the panel off and while i noticed it earlier i could of swore the...
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    Help wiring 2 kicker cvr dvc

    yes you can...go to the and check out their wiring wizard
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    Infinity Kappa 682.9cf question

    your amp should be just fine for any of these subs and to wire the subs to a certain ohm you need to tell me what ohms the voice coils are....some people swear by caps but really for this system its not going to be needed that is unless you have everything you possibly can running at one time
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    Need some opinions on Amp/Sub combination

    maybe consider different subs..a half ohm with all that power will eat them look at orion hcca or anyother subs with recone kits available the 3000watt rating on the pioneers is for short bursts not much more
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    Infinity Kappa 682.9cf question

    i really hate kickers but i would go with the w3s first then the r's but i recommend you listen to them if ya get a chance and then make your choice
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    Need some opinions on Amp/Sub combination

    the subs he is talking about are 800 nomial so guessing the ratings he told us i think 1700 at 2 ohms is the max power of the amp...maybe?
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    Never would have guessed this

    i can only think that when you had your air filter replaced a fly may have landed in the box or something and the ended up on top of the filter when done then decided his life now sucked and commited suicide:D thats insane though hahaha
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    Need some opinions on Amp/Sub combination

    ifi had a good place less than an hour away i would deff be doing that lono! to the author i would wire them at a 2 ohm load if i were you
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    check head lamps

    i searched the lom threads but didnt see anything like my issue i have a 97 eddie with just over 40000 miles on it and when i bought the vehicle this check head lamps message would always pop up when i turned the lights on...everything works though..fog lights included. That is until tonight...
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    Need Help Installing New Stereo on 95 Explorer w/ JBL Premium Sound System

    i wish i could of read this sooner for some reason i didnt even bother..all you would of needed is a test light :D
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    Stereo Cuts Out

    i would start by wiggling every wire on the back of the head unit then the amps almost possitive its in the harness behind the head unit
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    Need some opinions on Amp/Sub combination

    you wont even have to get a second mortgage. i am one of those that has to spend im guilty there lol. if your ever in south dakota sometime hit me up ill let ya hear mine the single most important thing people need to know is that everyone has different hearing and taste, as...
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    off road stereo ( first gen)

    in my boat the kid gets water on my jl audio marine amp and it still goes all day and its over 3 years old
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    Need some opinions on Amp/Sub combination

    not trying to start any problems but show me a type r that has won a sq comp of any bang for the buck in my opinion is the rockford t1 or a jl w6v2. But im also more of an sq guy thats why i went and placed an order for a jbl gti mkII 10 yesterday
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    Can I intergrate Coax speakers into a Component setup?

    you will be very pleased with the morel maximo 6 comps....sq is insanely good and amazon has them for like 165 and they retail for around 315
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    Can I intergrate Coax speakers into a Component setup?

    i have had xovers go out before the speakers or tweeters but also got them replaced under warranty. how much are you looking at spending?
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    Infinity Kappa 682.9cf question

    good choice on the head unit. I would say either one of those choices will get loud for you but if you really wanna pound everything including your house windows or knock pictures off the wall then your going to need to upgrade almost everything but i can still give ya pointers