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    5.0 Pistons with 1.5mm Rings vs. 5/64" Rings - Interchangeable?

    In 1996, Ford switched over to thinner metric piston rings 1.50mm x 1.50mm x 4.00mm (for lower friction?) for all 5.0 including F150 & my 1996 Explorer 5.0 which is going in my 64 Falcon. All 302 up to 1995 used the 5/64" x 5/64" x 3/16" piston rings. The only difference that I can find is the...
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    Rebuilding 1996 Explorer 5.0L 250,000 miles- Need engine spec./manual !!!

    New member here. I am rebuilding my 1996 Explorer 5.0 V8 with 250,000 miles! All is well and I am only going to hone & re-ring the motor, new cam bearing, rod bearings and new main bearings. I have a 1993 Mustang GT Haynes manual. Does anyone has a .pdf file or something for engine...
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    1996 Explorer 5.0 & E303 cam - Do I need to upgrade stock springs?

    Well, the motor is actually going in to a 64 Falcon with most likely a T5. I figured I post here where people have first hand account with these motors. I have read on other Ford Forums that the stock GT40P valve springs are too weak for anything other than stock cam. Not sure how true that...
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    1996 Explorer 5.0 & E303 cam - Do I need to upgrade stock springs?

    I am thinking about installing the E303 cam in my 1996 Explorer motor which has GT40 heads. I have read elsewhere that the stock springs are only good for stock cam. Can I reuse the stock springs with this cam? Thanks