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    New Ranger in Canada

    Good to be back at an old haunt here, I couldn't let Stic-o have all the fun down here. After many rangers, explorer and a couple Sport Tracs, Ford stopped making them so I landed in a Frontier. It was a fine truck, but a pig on fuel. Its good to be back in a Ford Anywho, here it is, hoping to...
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    FPDM location??

    I cant find the FPDM, the factory manual only lists its as behind the right rear 1/4 pannel trim with a diagram that is obviously on an explorer by the rear lift gate, but no indication of the trac. Ive taken all the obvious panels off but no joy. Thanks, Todd
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    Truxxx and upper ball joint failure

    I knew this would be a problem after some reading here and seeing the angle of the upper after the lift, but didnt expect it so soon. 07 sport trac with 120,000 km or so lift has been in for 1.5 years, and Ive lost both uppers with in a month, luckily both at slow speed, but kinda scary none the...
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    ST frame hiders??

    I got sick of my running boards chunking up with mud and slush etc. and pulled them off, now from the side view you can see a whole lotta frame hanging down. I can live with this but if there is a option out there I would be interested in how it looked. Anyway, the question are, did any tracs...
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    New to me 07 LTD and ????

    Well after much tire kicking and deal making I went last weekend to pick up my new ride. 2007 Limited V8, pretty much loaded I guess except the Nav. system, but I know where Im going anyway, lol, and I managed to find a 07 with the power down rear window so Im pleased with that. Truxxx kit has...
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    Truxxx and 18" wheels (width??)

    Ok guys and gals, Ive beat the search to death here and want to be sure before I order tires for my new to me 2007 Sport Trac Limited with the stock 18" rim(seems to be more truxx uses here than the ST forum). It seems the consensus is 32,s but its the width that worries me. Most have 17,s...
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    Front drive line clunking

    I ve got a sort of clunk you can feel in the floor and gas pedal, it starts at 35 mph and carries on from there(may be all the time but thats when you feel it most) . Heres what Ive done so far, front CVs are fine, drivers side wheel bearing is ok,balljoints seem fine I know my wheels arent...
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    Herculining plastic...yes Ive searched

    Just a couple quick questions, I want to Herc. the grey plastic rockers, bumpers etc. on my trac as I dont think trim paint will hold up the way I use it. My questions are- -will it stay black or will it fade? -can you wash mud etc off it or does it look dirty even after being washed...
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    Toads 01 Trac

    I used to be a regular here until I sold my 92 and bought my SCrew,then I faded away for a while, but I couldnt stay away from the X name so last fall I got the Trac and been playin with it ever since and lately Ive been coming back here more and more so I thought Id show my new ride. Specs.-01...
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    finally registering, 01 ST

    Ive been Elite for a year and a half, but never got around to doing this. Ive sold my original 92 and havent spent too much time here lately, time to catch up. Anyway heres my current ride, 2001 Sport Trac, TT & homemade shackles for 2" lift, ranchos, 285 BFG AT KOs
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    Warrior schackle bolt hole size?

    Warrior schackle bolt hole size? Help I,m in the middle of building my shackles and have searched and found a bolt hole size of 5/8", for some reason this dosent sound right to me , can anyone confirm this please. Thanks, Todd
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    TT & impact gun?

    Just wondering if its a big nono to crank up torsion bars using a impact. Me like air tools:p Thanks, Todd
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    Well, I,m back in a ST

    I know nobody notice I was gone right:p anyway after driving the supercrew for 9 mo.s or so I decided I didnt need the size, so now I,m in a 01 Sport trac, its a Explorer right. TT & shackles soon. Boy this place sure got busier since I been gone. Looking forward to contributing again from my...
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    Sporttrac ?,s

    Hey guys I,ve been away for a while since I sold my X to B.T.O'Rourke,and bought the SuperCrew. now I,m finding I just dont need this size of truck but love the layout, so I,m looking at Sporttrac,s. I,ve been cruising and would like to know your opinions on these trucks...
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    Tracked Navajo

    Hey guys/gals, I,ve been away for awhile since I sold the X so I dont know if you have seen this but I couldn,t resist when I saw it. Dead Link Removed matttracks
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    Thanks Guys/Gals Im off to F150 world, X for sale

    Hey all I just bought a 2001 F150 super crew 4X4 , So thanks to everyone for all the help and advice in fixing and modding my truck. Great group here got to meet a few in person , will keep up and try to make some runs, Thanks to Rick and the mod,s for a great site , keep up the good work...
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    sporttrac, super crew or newerX

    Hey all, the old X is gettin a little tired and Im thinking of buying something newer, I like the F150 supercrew(4 door) and the Sport Trac, the prices seem close around here and the gas milage isnt that different, or should I just get a newer(99,00 or 01) Explorer they seem to go fairly...
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    A4LD tranny dies then lives again?

    Ok heres the story , on the Highway for a few hours towing snowmobile trailer with 2 sleds on it , 3 guys and gear in the truck , so Im working it hard, RPMs start to climb, POOF cloud of smoke she dumps her fluid all out. The next day after a tow home put 8 liters(quarts) of fluid in and away...
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    Heres my Stang

    Scanned a few new pic.s tonight heres my Mustang and my little helper
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    My new toy,any other snowmobilers out there

    My new to me toy, 99 zr 600. Any other riders on here? THINK SNOW!
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    604 new posts! I,m worn out.

    O.K. I gotta stop going away, between the trip to the Stones concert and getting onto a snowmobile mess. board The posts got away on me:confused: . Wont happen again, I hope.
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    window squealing/squeaking on way down

    My passinger side window makes like a finger nails on chalk board sound mostly when going down a litle going up. Ive washed the heck out of it thinking its mud or something, but it wont go away(been like this for mo.s) Anyone else have this , Solutions ? Thanks, Todd
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    Silver lake Michigan,this fall?

    Just seeing if anyones interested in another Silver lake run sometime this fall. Nothing solid in mind just checking interest.
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    Ranger 4 door ?

    Anybody know if Ford has any plans to make a 4 door Ranger or do you think it would be a threat to the Sporttrac. I would be interested in say, a FX4 4-door how about you?
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    Got custom rear bumper pic.s?

    Im looking at fabing up a new rear bumper, something I can put a tire carrier on someday.If you have pic,s of yours I m looking for ideas/ suggestions. Thanks, Todd