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    is this a good tranny for the explorer?

    ok so here it is, my boss has a 2000 XLT beautiful truck! runs great and there are no signs of tranny issues, it has the 4.0, i am not sure wether it is the sohc or ohv, but the reason im here is he is selling it, and wat better way to get another explorer than to buy a 2000, my question is, are...
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    got a 4x4/2wd tranny question

    ok, my buddy has got a 94 limited 4x4 explorer, and the tranny is jacked up, he found a used tranny for just under 200, but its a 2 wheel drive, hes wanting to use his tail shaft from the 4x4 and swap it on the 2wheel drive tranny, is the dooable, or no? thats all i need thanks!
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    new toy!

    just got a new toy! its a 2007 kawasaki ninja 500r yellow metalic paint with red tribal designes, registers 140 redlines at 11g 4.8 gallon tank can get 50 miles to the gallon, :D great starter bike i will say that! it is my first and its a blast super easy to ride! great handling! ill have a...
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    kawasaki ninja 650r!?!?!?!?

    any one got the kawasaki ninja 650r??? im gona get one, and jsut wanted to know how great it is, i like the sound of it so far! would like it more souding like a reall bike, but hey, im a beginner and u have to start some where right! just wanted to know! if there is anything i should know aobut...
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    rebuilding the M5OD???

    ok, where can i get a cheep rebuild kit for my M5OD?? i looked on ebay, but im not sure about ebays stuff! my truck is only going into 4th gear, i did a search and there are numerouse things taht could cause this! im guessing i ran it low on fluid or sometihng, and the gears and all em barings...
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    m5od tranny problem 4th gear but none other!

    ok, well i guess i just get the short end of the stick when it comes to trannys, i just messed up my m5od......... me and a bud was driving, i was infront of him, and he went to pass, just to be funny, i gear down so he cant, then he passes me a bit down the road, then i go to pass again! thats...
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    poping and grinding?????

    when i put the truck in 4x4 and i turn, it pops and grinds and makes an ungodly sound, truck moves fine, i was in a lill bit of mud the other day, and i got in a tight spot, so i stomped it, the truck shook. only in the front, like the wheels was wobling! im confuzed! need some help, wanting to...
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    axle shaft removal and poping!

    how easy is it to remove axle shafts from a 92 and 93 explorer??? and i got some poping and cracking when i turn in 4x4 whats the cause?? thanks!
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    tire holder from bII on an X

    how hard would it be to put the bII tire holder on hte back of my X????? i seen one it was the older modle i think in between the 83-88 modle something like that. it was in a bone yard and i was just wonderin if it could work, and how much fabricating would be neccisary! i dont need it i jsut...
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    instrument cluster questions

    ok i to am one of the few taht are wanting to chang ethe color of my instrument lights! they are green. like all fords,but i want differant, now be fore u go posting anyhting, i know taht on the 2nd gens there is a film over the cluster its selff. is this the same as for the 1st gens? i removed...
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    pics of ur rock sliders

    ok, my trucks rockers are far past gone, and i need ideas/pics of ur trucks with the sliders so i can get a good ol clue on what to do! so any pics or ideas would be great! and i got access to a welder, so custom rocks!!!!!!
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    some sort of rocker/slider

    ok i was watching a 4x4 show the other week. and it got me to thinking, my rockers are long gone and never coming back! is there any way to make a slider that will sorta cover the rocker area, and some what look like the rocker, but yet be a steel plat that mounts to the frame??? any ideas pics...
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    painting stock rims??

    i got these rims, best pici could find. but the clear coat that was originally on them is pealing and looks like crap. how would striping em, and painting em gloss black, or even flat blak, look??? thanks!
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    how to convert

    borg warner 1350 ? ok,, im planing on picking up a borg warner 1350, its the t-case from the bII. i have heard it will bolt right up to my tranny, but it wont conect to my drive shafts, or just the front one, im not sure! how will i go about making it fit???? i have searched on here, for a...
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    bII t-case fit the 4.0 M5OD in an explorer??

    ok i run an explorer, but need a question from bronco guys! found a bII in the junk yard today, looked around in it, to see if there was anyhting special that i could steal. looked on hte floor and to my shock a manual t-case! i was hapy, im guessing it had the 2.9 in it, cuas it was a v6 and i...
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    turbo on a 4.0

    ok, so something for the futuer. im planing on slapin a t3 turbo into my truck,4.0, we will be taking the exhaust from the y pipe, and then runing it up to hte engine bay, placing in the turbo and runing the exaust back out the back. now we have a delima, we are unsure of where to run an oil...
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    best mods, not bolt ons....

    im not asking the best bolt ons, im wanting to know what mods i can do to my stock engine parts. i have done the tb mod, but cant think of any other things that could be modded, i am actually looking to get a con filter. whats the diamiter for the maf, in inches, cause i know its 55 mil. but...
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    good rock lights? found em on ebay, u htink they would work for good rock lights???? mount under thruck, toggle in the cab, when needed flip...
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    how to wire a preformance tach???

    ok, i got a tach from a buddy of mine! usually u would hook it up to a V8, and one without a coil pack. but i got a 4.0 in mine, and it can be set up for a 6 cyl. im wanting to know how to hook it up! we are some what baffled, so i figured i would ask the best of the best! YOU GUYS...
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    starter and tranny problem

    ok so i had a problem, when i changed my trannys over, i put a M5OD in it, stock was an a4ld, and after putting the tranny in it, i started it and it had a grinding sound, could not figure it out for nuthing.....and then after a day of driving, and starting, the starter started slipping and...
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    so i burned through my manual clutch line!

    so i burned through my manual clutch line! i just finished putting on my exhaust, and aparently the line was against the exhaust, and it burned through, so i need a new line...i guess unless some one can let me know how to fix it, im not even sure how to take the line out! so please help...
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    no clutch response!

    ok so im back, trucks put together, and it runs, does everything its saposed to, exept for the clutch,i have added fluid numerous times, and it wont take it, i push the clutch and i get no respons, not even a lill bit. y is this, im home alon, so my dad cant help me out, u guys are my only hope...
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    wont start after tranny swap

    ok, i just finished putting my M5OD in my truck, it was previously an automatic, so there are gona be wires taht have no homes, i understand that part, but on the tranny there are female plugs with no male plugs to go to it, so i was wondering if any of this would contribute to my truck not...
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    clutch plate instalation!

    ok, i am installing my manual tranny(M5OD) and i dont know the way to put the clutch plate in, so if i could get a picture, or diagram of that would be great, thanks!
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    how to fix up my stock throtle body?

    ok, i know u are gona say search it! but i already did! and i turned up nothing, i might ahve typed it wrong er something! but anywhoo! i needa find that how to thread on how to fix up my stock throtle body! give me a lill more juice! so if some one could find it for me and post it that would...