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    Eddie Bauer Trim Color?

    Anyone know what the paint color is for the tan that was used on Eddie Bauer trim on a 1995 red and tan explorer? Thanks.
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    Deactivating Alarm

    The car alarm on my explorer goes off all the time for no apparent reason, does anybody know how to permanently deactivate it? I'm not above cutting wires if I can figure out which wires to cut.
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    No Headlights

    Driving home the other day I discovered that my headlights no longer work on bright. Dim works just fine, but at the time they needed adjusted and pointed straight down, made for a fun drive home. I checked the high beam fuse and its fine. I haven't looked into the chance that...
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    Horsepower to fuel consumption?

    Does anybody know how horsepower transfers to fuel consumption? Specifically, we are working on a device that transforms exhaust heat into electricity. If we generate about 1 kW of electricity, how much does this increase the fuel economy of the vehicle? We are assuming an alternator uses...
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    Anybody ever take a Wonderlic Test?

    I have a job interview on Tuesday and I will be given a Wonderlic test. I did a little research and found out that its a test that starts out with really easy questions that get harder as you go. There will will be alot of questions and not much time to finish them. Has anyone ever take one...
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    Temperature of Coolant Leaving Radiator?

    I'm working on a project for one of my engineering classes and just wondered if anybody around here knew what the temperature of the anti-freeze is when it leaves the radiator. It would also help me to know what the pressure is on the return side of the radiator and as the fluid leaves the...
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    Exhaust Temperature Question

    Hey, I was gonna put this in the General Explorations Forum, but its not really specific to a certain model, so I decided to stick it here. Does anybody know about what a usual exhaust temperature would be? I'm working on a project for one of my engineering classes and this could help me...
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    Right Headlight doesn't work on Dim

    My right headlight went out on dim, so I figured no big deal and bought a bulb, but that didn't fix it. Checked the fuse, its good too. My fog lights don't work either. I'm out of ideas. I'm guessing broken wire, but where do you start looking? Anybody else have this problem? Thanks,
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    Cutting Torch Tank Refill Question

    I'm trying to buy a cutting torch off of a guy, but he doesn't have titles for the tanks. I've been told that if you don't have a title for your tanks, then you can't get them refilled. The guy I'm dealing with claims that they changed that law, and now you can no longer rent tanks, so you...
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    Is XP Pro Worth it?

    My college has a software license agreement with Microsoft, so I can get Windows XP Pro for five bucks. I was at the IMU (Iowa Memorial Union) the other day and thought what the heck and picked it up. But before I install it, I have a few questions. Mainly is it worth it? What features does...
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    Cheap Computer Parts?

    I'm looking into upgrading my computer. Depending on price I will either get a new case, motherboard, hard drive, cd drive, and memory, or else just buy some memory, a new hd, and a combo-drive for my current computer. If I can afford it, I want to go with the new case and everything, so that...
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    Braingate Anybody else hear about this? I was watching tv and they showed a guy that was paralyzed below the neck. By implanting a computer chip into his brain, he was able to open and close an artificial hand, move a cursor on a...
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    Tips for Gas Mileage

    I know Al has had a few threads about this, and I was going to just bump one of them up until I saw how long they are. Basically what kind of things can we do to get better mileage out of our trucks as far as modifications and driving style? If your suggestion is a modification, try to list...
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    Must have modifications

    Just curious what everyone would consider a "must have" modification on a daily driver.
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    Three Days til Daytona!

    Just three days til Daytona, any predictions?
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    PSA: Do not park on the beach during low tide
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    NFR: Who's Watching?

    The National Finals Rodeo starts tonight, any other rodeo fans around here?
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    Anybody have any experience with Mathematica?

    For one of my engineering classes, I have to make a graphical model of an industrial robot using Mathematica software. For now, all of the components can be represented by cylinders. I can make the cylinders just fine, any size I want. The problem is that I don't know how to arrange them...
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    Anybody ever bought anything big from Canada?

    Recently, we found some construction equipment that sounds really cheap, but its in Canada. I was just wondering if anybody has ever bought anything big out of Canada. If so, how big a deal is it to get it into the US? Is there anything else that I would need to know? Thanks
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    Leave it to Texans,2106,3100016a12,00.html Soon you could be able to kill (real) deer from your home computer. Is anyone surprised this idea came out of Texas?
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    Black Boxes to be Put in All New Vehicles,2933,132056,00.html Is it just me or does this really bother anybody else? NOTE TO MODS: I am not sure if this would be considered a political subject or not, if you think so and feel the need to delete/move this thread, I understand
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    The Next 007?

    I know this is really unlikely, but is anybody else thinking that P. Diddy as 007 could be one of the signs of the Apocalypse?
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    Cops Accidently Kill a Man with a Taser This is my problem with non-lethal weapons, in the right circumstances they can still kill, but people get the idea in their head that they have a "safe" weapon, and are more likely to use it in situations that they might not...
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    What is your favorite novel?

    I was just watching Lonesome Dove, which is a great movie and one of my all time favorite books, so I thought I would ask: What is your favorite novel? As I said Lonesome Dove is one of my favorites and so are Dune and Jurassic Park.
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    Will polls of children accurately predict the results of the election?

    Recently two different groups polled school children, asking who should be elected president. Here are links to the results: Weekly Reader Results Weekly Reader Article Channel One Results Channel One Article The weekly reader has correctly picked the president in every election...