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    ECU part number

    Hey looking for a part number on the ecu for awd 5.0 v8s thanks
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    need a 300 bhp parts list for a 5.0

    So just headers intake exahsust and tune will give me 300 at crank?
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    96 5.0 v8 help!!!

    Another thought for you is putting in a mustang5.0 cam. you will have to get a tune then and reduce weight...(spare tire) I would say save up look for the gt40p heads and torque monster headers and go from there. and if your bored 30 over your 302 turns into a 306 which is a true 5.0 :)
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    5.0 Rebuild and Rest

    Well the kawasaki green is my favorite color, and with it in the car its not super green. and from my experinces i would recomond infinity, kenwood, rockford, alpine, or pioneer. and with those there is usually the high and low class of each company. like infinity has refernce(low) and kapa...
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    5.0 Rebuild and Rest

    Purchased the 97 X with 265,000 5.0 AWD for 400. Then i bought a parts explorer with a broken timing chain (sohc v6) so then swapped parts and then these past 2 months i rebuilt the 302 and bore out 30 over. Soon i will be rebuilding the tranny and transfercase and then body work. I am also...
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    Transfer case r and r

    I got a 97 5.0 AWD, i need some info on how easy it is to remove and replace my transfer case. I bought it from someone who already got a new transfer case and took their front drive shaft out. The questions i have are how easy it is to replace and how long about it should take. Thanks
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    Seat swap?

    has anyone tried or researched how to put 3rd gen seats in a 2nd gen? Much help would be appreciated! Thanks Tyler
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    Nebraska folks....

    Yup like people have said its the ethanol they add that makes it 10 cents cheaper
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    Body Swap Vs Engine swap

    anyone ever done a body swap?
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    Body Swap Vs Engine swap

    i got both titles both are clear, and yes i have acces to a lift. If body swap, what all needs to be done to lift the body? (Steering linkage wise)
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    Body Swap Vs Engine swap

    I am in need of advice. I got a 97 explorer v8 awd (rebuilding the tranny and engine) it needs new fenders up front and hood, also needs doors fixed. And ive got a 98 sohc bad motor but body is perfect. Which is going to be the best route? Swap the v8 and the tranny and transfer case? or...
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    Nebraska Newbie

    I got it for 400 bucks. And the guy let his cousin drive it. ran into a parked car on the drivers side and ran into a building on the right.....the story was the building was a bar...and the car was outside a bar. differnt ocasions.
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    Nebraska Newbie

    Hey guys, i just got a 97 5.0 awd. its my project for this summer and fall. and here she is.
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    Nebraska Owners

    here from lincoln
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    96 explorer parting out

    How much for the hood and front fenders shipped to 68516? If you still have them