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    looking for a laptop case

    Im looking for a waterproof plastic laptop case that will withstand some abuse. I cant find any online that are reasonable in price. Any body ever run across any that are good quality and reasonable in price? If not what kind of case would make a good laptop case?
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    how to recondition paint?

    hey guys I have a white car and today I noticed when I was washing it that the paint is looking alittle dingy and not as bright as used to be. Granted the car is a 2001 so it will age alittle but is there any products or ways out there to make it shine alittle better and to clean up the little...
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    bad headunit?

    Ok this is not in an explorer but it could happen to any vehicle. I was driving my car today and i turned down the radio and when I got down to a certain volume my driversside door speakers quit working. If i turn the radio up the speaker will come back in. By the way this is a Alpine...
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    this day sucks

    Well I had a very bad day today , I went over to my soon to be ex wifes house to get some mail this evening and found her there with her Boyfriend how great is that sorry just had to vent alittle bit guys im not in the greatest mood , This guy she told me was just a "friend" but I had my...
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    surface rust on bottom of car

    I just recently purchased a new car and noticed underneath the previous owner bottomed out alittle on the bottom of the car and scraped the paint and it has some surface rust on it. Can i just wire wheel the rust away and put some ruberized under coating on it to stop it from spreading. Will...
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    Lcd question

    Hey guys I have a double din 7inch lcd headunit in my truck. It works great but I just had one question about it since I have never owned a double din screen before. When I hit a bump the picture will wiggle some on the screen it doesnt distrort or anything looks almost like the picture is on a...
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    factory head unit and amp hook up

    When hooking up an aftermarket amp to a factory radio is it best to use a line out converter or use the high level inputs that hook directly to the car speakers from the amp?
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    is 10 guage wire enough?

    is 10 guage wire enough to power a really small 240 watt max cheapo amp? I have a real small amp and I have plenty of 10guage wire around so I was wonderign would this be enough to power this small amp?
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    new cd player or cd changer?

    Hey guys in my 97 ram I have a like 8 year old pioneer din and a hlf headunit that fills the dash nice. My only problem is it wont play cdrws or anything but an actual store bought cd. My question is since im low on funds should I just hook up my sony cd changer that will play burned cd's or...
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    Colts joke

    I heard this on the radio today and thought it was kind of funny. What do the Colts and The Rev. Billie Graham have in common?? They both can make 70,000 people stand up and yell Jesus Christ ! lol
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    shoulda listened to everybody

    Well I should have taken everybodys advice on here and my familys with my new relationship I had just started recently. Awhile back I posted on here that I was having trouble with a girl I was dating and then she told me she was pregnant by me. Well about a month and a half ago we bought a house...
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    how to bond rubber?

    I need to know if there is a type of glue or sealant out there that I can use to permantly bond 2 pieces of rubber together and make them water tight. I am making a big rubber floor mat out of a few of them since I cant find any big rolls of rubber anywhere. Im just stuck on what type glue or...
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    replacing carpet

    I work in a transmission shop so my shoes get pretty nasty and because of this the carpet in my 97 ram is shot. I am wanting to replace my carpet with a rubber or vinyle (spelling?) floor mat and get rid of the carpet completely. Does anyone know of a material I can use to make my own new floor...
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    is your wife understanding about your truck?

    My wife is awesome when it comes to me and my dodge ram. I have been hinting at her for months now to get me a lift for my truck for christmas and the other night she finally made me a deal I couldnt pass up lol She has been begging me to shave my beard off so she could see how I looked...
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    cb wiring question

    I have a 97 dodge ram that I am installing a cb in the overhead console in. My question is since it is only a 4 watt max cb would it be safe to just wire the cb into the dome light wires up in the console? My ALLDATA program says the lights are powered by a 5 amp fuse would this be enough to...
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    gun safe or gun locks?

    I am getting ready to move into my new house and there will be little kids around. I have about 15 guns to take with me and was wondering if I should see about getting a gun safe for them or just use my gun locks for right now. I have the type of gun locks that you remove the bolt and lock...
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    I am closing on my house today

    Today at 4:00 I am doing the final paper work and closing on my house I am purchasing. Its awesome I am getting my own house but at the same time it freaks me out to . I got a great deal on the house and all but its still the thought of signing that paper then someone owns me for 30 years lol I...
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    Im gonna be a dad!

    edited the wrong box.
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    MTX amp troubles

    I have a mtx thunder amp that i just bought maybe 2 months ago if that and its starting to shut on and off on me when i turn the bass up loud. When it turns off the short circuit light will flash on really dim once in awhile so I looked at all my wiring and couldnt find a problem. I also checked...
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    what a difference brands make !

    hey guys this may sound stupid but I am amazed how the quality of sound can be just by switching to a name brand amp and speakers. I have a dodge ram and orginally had a 10inch pioneer subwoofer powered by a lighting bolt amp and just pioneer 3 ways door speakers. I just switched to a MTX...
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    headunit loses power

    I have A 1997 dodge ram with a pioneer head unit in it. Here lately the radio has begun to shut itself off then back on on its own like it is losing power. I exchanged the radio to make sure it wasant a defect unit and that isnt the problem. When it does this it is also losing its presets so...
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    Guage light wire

    I just installed my autometer trans temp guage and was wondering where should I tap into for the guage light wire? should I just go to the radio or find the wire in the fuse box?
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    antenna wire cut

    I was installing my radio today and noticed that my fm antenna wire has a cut in the insulation and you can see the braided wire inside,. can i just tape this spot up with electrical tape and it be alright?
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    Guage pods and gauges

    I see alot of people with a piller guage pods. I a have a 1997 dodge ram im looking for a dual or tripe guage pod setup for. I have seen some wehre they actually replace the entire a piler trim. My question is where is a good place to get a guage pod setup and where can i get guages for them...
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    remotew wire question

    I have a pioneer avic n2 and I have one small amp hooked to it . I am going to be putting a toggle switch on the remote turn on wire and I was wondering if it would be alright to use a lighted toggle switch on the remote circuit? Or would it put to much draw on the circuit. Thanks for your...