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    Can someone PLEASE send me all the eletrical schematics for a 2000 XLS?

    honestly, they cost not even $15 for the entire vehicle well worth the cost IMO, especially for the amount of info contained in them
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    Watching movies on Xbox 360

    some xbox 360's have a problem with the intensity of the laser in the drive, if you ware handy with small bolts and a multimeter you can fix it, basically you just measure the resistance of a circuit and bump it up to increase your laser output, thus having less "bad disk errors" i don't have a...
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    Rear Axle bearings pressed?

    thanks or the replies guys, it does make sense joe but unfortunatly the damn pinion pressue bolt (i think) got rounded off so we couldn't remove the axles to change the bearings, it was more proactive then necessary at the time maintence so i guess i'll just have to wait till they go bad and...
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    Rear Axle bearings pressed?

    since the clerk was utterly clueless (pretty much read off of their display) and i don't want to have to go in tomorrow, does the attached picture have everything i need? it is a standard "Slide Hammer, 2/3 Jaw puller set. OEM #27026. It seems to be the right one, he says you can just...
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    High Mileage SOHC's Explorers

    170,000 on my 1998, still holding strong with nothing more than the usual expendable parts.
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    Rear Axle bearings pressed?

    awesome thanks joe, just wanted to make sure i didn't have to make a second trip.
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    Rear Axle bearings pressed?

    i'm doing this job next weekend but just wanted to check if there is a specific type of slide hammer with 3 jaw puller that i need to get, or is it a universal tool? thanks
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    Lookin' for pictures of white face gauges

    i use ones made by a company called alfa-otto, i could only find them at and they shipped me 2 wrong ones before i got the right one, but i think they are the best looking by far, i can get you pictures later tonight but here they are online...
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    Motorcraft front brake pads worth the extra coin?

    i've yet to have a single problem with my cross drilled rotors and hawk pads (close to 2 years now), provide much better stopping power, especially in wet conditions. if you are worried about cross drilled ones cracking you can get the dimpled ones for a little more.
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    My quest for 30 MPG - Ford Explorer Gas Mileage Tips

    it sounds like you missed the parts of the SOHC being a vastly more efficient engine than the OHV. combine that with it's only 2wd instead of AWD/4WD, the under drive pulley, electric fan, less restrictive intake, larger MAF, larger throttle body, less restrictive exhaust, spark plugs with a...
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    Where to put LED's?

    i've redone my entire interior and my favorite LED position was embedded in the center console, they mount on the coin/tissue holder, and receive power from the parking light lead. there is also a switch hooked up to turn them off when the lid is down. makes it a breeze to find things at...
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    how long to go on synthetic?

    i'm approaching 10,000 miles on my amsoil oil and as of the last oil analysis (@7,000 mi.) it still was holding up great and keep in mind this is on a stock engine, the amsoil filters perform superb as well.
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    HELP 2wd front spindle bearing replacement

    it was straight from alldata, that's the torque setting for the first time you tighten it down, as it shows 17 lb/in for when you torque it back down after loosening it from the intial 17-24 lb./ft.
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    Installing four door leaf pack, problem (have pics)

    hey thatoneguy, did the springs come with the required bushings, or did you need to get those separately?
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    help! i need to strap a bed on my explorer!

    get at least 2 with a minimum 15' of slack, more is better you can always wind it up, make sure they have WLL (working load limits) listed on them of at least 1,000 lbs.
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    HELP 2wd front spindle bearing replacement

    17-24 foot-pounds 4. Install the front disc brake hub and rotor. 1 Position the front disc brake hub and rotor. 2 Install the outer front wheel bearing. 3 Install the front wheel outer bearing retainer washer. 4 Install the spindle nut. 5. Tighten the spindle nut while...
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    2001 Explorer Sport 4x4 - modifications to improve fuel economy?

    aldive actually has the v6 SOHC version, however most mods are pretty interchangeable, it might not be the same part but it will give the same effect, i have one of the good summaries bookmarked, post #1515 in the "Quest for 30" Thread...
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    2001 Explorer Sport 4x4 - modifications to improve fuel economy? read either that if you have lots of time, or for the short version go to i use amsoil all around and have been very pleased with it, up to 9,000 miles on this set and...
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    Black Headlights Installed Today (PICS!)

    i've had ebay black headlights installed for close to 6 months now with silverstar lamps, much brighter than stock and looks very clean.
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    Overpowered sub!???!? help!

    well it means nothing until over-excursion of the cone damages the surround, or when the voice coil heats up and separates from the cone. that being said i do agree with you it is blatant misleading advertising on the part of the majority of manufacturers.
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    1999 Explorer Blend Door Actuator

    it's relatively simple to just swap the head unit, you need to 1. unscrew the two bolts holding the radio/climate bezel, they are above the climate control and below the radio, they are 7 or 8mm. 2. unplug any connectors and wiring to allow the bezel to be removed out of the way. 3...
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    Installing Seat Recliner Lever

    just fyi- i replaced my driver side handle assembly a few months ago and didn't have to remove the seat, just slide it up as far as it can go and you're good to go.
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    Accident with PETERBUILT

    ^^^ x2 glad you made it out fine but any large truck (24' box truck and up) simply can not punch it to speed up to pass, you probably caught him just as he was shifting gears. i've driven many large trucks and whether it be a 10 yr old beater or a brand new penske rental they are not designed...
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    1999 Explorer Blend Door Actuator

    the unit will sweep the full range of motion when it goes from an off state to an on state or when you run the test, one note is there is more range of motion in the actuator than the blend door can move, so after the old actuator is off you'll just have to move the blend door into the new...
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    1999 Explorer Blend Door Actuator

    well the test for the head unit is 1. Press and hold the OFF button 2. Press FLOOR while still holding OFF 3. Release both buttons 4. Immediately press AUTOMATIC (within 2 seconds) it takes about a minute to get through and you see a line going in a circular motion while it tests...