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  1. robertoa1a

    Can't lower spare tire.

    Okay, after trying to lower the spare tire as you would on any truck, (with the factory tire iron through the lift gate) I discovered that there is no where to insert the darn thing. There is a hole but nothing in it. It's like something is missing. Looking inside with a flash light all I...
  2. robertoa1a

    po 455 large evap leak. 96 5.0

    Has any one had a po455 on a 96 5.0? Evaporative emissions system leak (large one). Seems to be running okay but a small loss in performance. Not sure where to look first tomorrow when it gets light out.
  3. robertoa1a

    Water pump bolts stuck 5.0 911.

    I have a '96 5.0 150k miles, with a bad water pump. Everything came apart nice execpt for the two studs on the water pump at the far left and right. If theese go into a water jacket, there may be no getting them out due to years of inside rust. The nuts seem to be brazed, welded, or...
  4. robertoa1a

    Buy new or restore?

    I have owned a 96' 5.0 for some time now. It has been incredibly reliable and easy to work on. Even the more advanced repairs have seemed like hobby work and enjoyable. The old explorer has lost much of it's youth and is starting to seem plain Jane. Perhaps some upgrades and a face lift...
  5. robertoa1a

    something to praize

    I have had several explorers throughout the years and they have been mostly trouble free. Some inexpensive parts here and there but no hard complaints on the ex. The most popular suv :salute:ever can get some bad rap sometimes.
  6. robertoa1a

    Factory sound system. Hurts ears!

    All of the speakers in my XLT are working (non premium sound). It sounds trashy to me. I have a nice home system which may have raised my expectations a little when it comes to sound. Upon removing the inner door panels I discovered that a former owner replaced the factory speakers with...
  7. robertoa1a

    Roof rust, don't want to get rained on. LIL HELP?

    In Florida, I noticed that 2ND gens without sun roofs have these grooves, that don't drain any where where, in the area where the sunroof normally is. A sunroof isn't isn't all that desirable in FL for obvious reasons. That area tends to hold water and rust. A design flaw. I want to remove...
  8. robertoa1a

    Preventative maintenance

    When you buy a used explorer the odds are that the preventative maintenance was either neglected or was less than perfect. Most of the engine problems in this forum can be attributed to lack of P/M. The problems that we incur that are true parts failures are much easier to find if the other...
  9. robertoa1a

    Not so bad Dent in '96 50. Friends

    Life aint so bad. I was told by various people not to do this. User discretion advised.
  10. robertoa1a

    Body work newb. Materials???

    I have a big dent in my rear quarter and thought I would try learning body work. On kind of a impulse buy I got a stud welder, some hammers, dollies and sand paper at H/F for about $150. I noticed that O'Rilies has Evercoat body filler now (1 gal for about $25). Is this the right stuff...
  11. robertoa1a

    Rack and pinion intermitant???

    A few days ago my steering was shaking like crazy while turning the wheel. It has done this before but not this bad. I figured, okay the rack and pinion is shot so I bought a new one. Today the steering is working fine and I haven't changed anything yet. The bearings, brakes, rotors...
  12. robertoa1a

    best routing for amp or inverter cable?

    I have a power inverter for charging batteries and a scosche amp wiring kit. Does anyone have any tips on the best rout (not necessarily the shortest) between point A and B for running cable. I'm not 100% on where to put the inverter either. I don't think I want the cable running inside a...
  13. robertoa1a

    Driver door stuck shut

    Can't open driver door from inside or outside. Lock seems normal but I'm not sure if it is stuck locked or not. The trouble is that it seems like the door has to be open to fix it. Can the latch be manipulated? Will a slim jim work from the inside?
  14. robertoa1a

    Where to buy odometer gear

    My odometer quit working and I having trouble finding repair parts. I'm assuming it's a common problem. I don't like the parts dept at my local Ford dealer so I'm thinking aftermarket. Neither O'rily nor Advance caries it so I am assuming Auto Zone provably doesn't. Does anyone know where...
  15. robertoa1a

    Slight shake, engine smell in cab

    I have a little more engine shake than a V8 should have and an engine smell in the interior. My guess is a bad PCV tube or something but the PCV rigging is on the back of the engine and not visible. The engine is well maintained and has more new parts than I can mention (EGR, MAF, IAC, plugs...
  16. robertoa1a

    Odometer Quit

    I own a nice explorer and my OD isn't counting miles like it used to. I heard from some folks that I should just take and remove the instrument panel. I am told that there is a plastic gear that needs replacing. Has any one done this procedure?
  17. robertoa1a

    rear saging, leafs?

    I love my EXs about as much as I love America. Any hoo. I have a "96 5.0 A nice vehicle! I Cary about 300 lbs weight in the rear, tools and what not. The back was sagging a bit so I bolted on some helper springs. The helpers aren't quite enough. In fact my less attractive '97 sits higher...
  18. robertoa1a

    Window Regulator

    Window goes up normal till it gets up to the last few inches, then slightly outside the frame 1/4'". Its just enough to be annoying with wind or rain. my question is; how much skill does it take to mess one of thees? Do I take it to a glass shop, body shop or mechanic.
  19. robertoa1a

    misfire or something on 5.0

    I bought a 96 X 5.0 in Dec 08. It needed a tune-up so I replaced the plugs, wires, coils, air and fuel filter, pcv valve, egr valve, synth oil x 2, sea foam in the vacuum line, and some other misc items. After that it ran perfect, got great fuel econ and had clean exhaust. A dream! A few...
  20. robertoa1a

    Carpet cleaning question

    I did a bunch of work on my '96 ex over the last few months and now it's time to clean the grease and dirt out. In the past I have cleaned the carpet with an aerosol that kind of smeared the dirt and made the carpet absorb everything. I'M thinking of renting a steam cleaner from a grocery...
  21. robertoa1a

    carma w/uper controll arms

    Wow what a day! An old problem came back. shaking in the front end while turning. Now it'is severe, I shook my drivers side wheel and found looseness. Since I had a wheele bering set I assumed that was the problem. I didn't have a helper and it felt like a bearing. I have a bad back and I'm...
  22. robertoa1a

    Is maaco okay???

    I bought my Ex at a discount because it has a dent in the rear quarter. Now I want it to look good so Im looking at body shops. Is maaco okay?
  23. robertoa1a

    Power steering problem.

    The truck shakes when I turn the steering wheel. No wineing though.
  24. robertoa1a

    8.8" rear noise on take off

    I have been noticing a slight scrubbing noise on acceleration from a dead stop. I notice it mostly when turning. '96 5.0 xlt 2wd 130k mile, towing package, 8.8" limited slip. The breaks checked good. No play on wheels. U-joint good. No slop on pinion as far as I can tell. Evidence of minor...
  25. robertoa1a

    code reader seeking software

    I resently purchased a code reader from harbor freight tools (cen-tech 98614)as an impulse buy for about $100. It does a lot including computer print-outs. It has a 15 pin D-sub on top of the unit and two cables. One OBDII/EOBD cable and one USB cable. The manual and software was a little...