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    Full console storage part number

    Does anyone have the part number (ford part number) for that storage piece just above the cupholders on full console interiors? You either had the choice of the message center or that double-storage thing. I need to buy a new one... any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks
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    Marine install - grounding issues?

    Ok, so I spent over 4hours doing the install, right I hoped. I think I forgot to compensate for one thing though.. Whenever the amp gets turned on by the HU, it automatically goes into protect and begins heating up heavily; I could cook on it within 2 mins of it on. It's the ground...
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    Anyone bet on horses?

    I just wrote a little paragraph in another thread about this, and I was actually curious.... horse betting for the most part has stuck with the older generations it seems, so any of you bet the ponies? If so, how? Through what service/OTB? Go directly to the track? Anyone a member on...
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    Cruise control fuse?

    Welp, I can't find my manual for the fuse diagrams... can anyone help me locate the cruise control fuse (and if its inside or outside under the hood)? Can't seem to find a snapped fuse... Thanks alot guys. 98 Sport
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    Need some harnesses, where can I find these?

    Okay- I need these harnesses.. Alpine CDA-9831 (hopefully with the 16pin for Alpine to another plug into car harness) Ford Explorer 95-01 Mach audio harness (with the plug to the Alpine harness) Anyone? I really appreciate it... I really don't want to be splicing wires... Thanks...
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    How to ship wheels/tires?

    Ok... I gotta ship 4 17" cobras wrapped in 275/45/17s across the country (CA to NY). Is there a certain company I should go with? I can guess each wheel/tire weights 50-60lbs respectively.... Just need some companies/freight carriers I should go with... Thanks guys
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    expo5.0 - piaa pro90s - msg me!

    need your help with PIAA Pro90 wiring harness... please PM me or e-mail me at draft AT pacbell DOT net. you know my AIM too.. thanks bro. if anyone else can help, i just need a full wiring guide for the Pro 90s made by PIAA. they dont offer it on their site, and i tried calling, no...
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    Attn: BBQ HotDogs...

    Anyone seen Ronnie? I know this new storm Rita is headed towards Texas, but he hasn't logged on since 9/11. I bought a set of PIAA Pro90 XTs from him and he forgot to send me the switch and he found it in his house and was going to send it via the mail. This was 2 weeks ago though...
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    How-To: Torsion Adjuster Flip

    WARNING/DISCLAIMER: Anything provided in this thread cannot and will not deem me or this website (and it's management) liable for anything that may happen to your vehicle because of this process. First, here's a quick FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Q: Approximately how much drop...
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    Reprogramming Viper 791XV remote... anyone know?

    Well, today my battery got drained enough the car wouldn't start, but everything else was fine, so I just hooked up my car starter thing, flipped it to 120v (first did 40v to see the charge and was more than fair to go ahead to flip to 120v) and started up immediately (I was listening to music...
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    Looking for new fogs/driving (PIAA 2100XT?)

    Well, what I THOUGHT was the PIAA Pro90 XTs coming to my house... well, it wasn't, so I returned them. I just want something different from my stock crap. I was looking into the PIAA 2100XT Fog/Driving lamps, they seemed pretty good. ALthough I'd like something more that would fill the hole...
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    Mountaineer Conversion - In Progess

    As most of you know, I got in an accident on the last weekend in Feb this year in San Francisco, and I'm just now getting around to fixing it up. So far, all the mounty parts are on, but a rollpan is on the way, as well as the airdam being fiberglassed into the bumper perm. New black paintjob...
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    Semester Grades?

    Since I was so stoked to pull through some decent grades, just wondering what you guys/ladies pulled this semester? So far, B+, B, B and a C. Still waiting on my BLAW 206, but that's either an A-/B+, I demolished that class. I pretty much screwed up my grades my first semester because of...
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    Worst Buy strikes again... Interesting.
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    What is this called/where can I find a few? (the beer mug in his hand) I wanna get a few for my big bro and my little sis (greek system stuff). I just can't find one for the life of me. Preferably the exact same as that, must be Bud Light and hold a crapload of...
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    hit and run, california love?

    was backed into up north this weekend. parts that are smashed: grille shell header panel radiator cooler headlights (diamonds) front upper crossmember radiator cover headlight sockets speed grille intake tube cracked i have nothing really to say, other than the fact that i won't...
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    EE sway bar - is this right?

    I think it is. :(
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    Passanger door and the sound it makes

    It looks as if the lower bolt/hinge on the pass door "clicks" (loud might I add) into place after going so far out and in at the same spot. Has anyone had this problem before? I don't have any time to goto the dealer, so I hope I can fix this myself.
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    Bilstein lowered shocks

    Need a set (four) for a 98 2WD for a lowered vehicle (the 2" application). Anyone know where I can purchase these? And no, not the regular ones, I need the lowered ones. Thanks.
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    Wiring horn to brake pedal

    Ok, this weekend, we owe it to a fraternity brother to RF his car. He's going out of town and deserves this. BTW, we're not out to harm his car at all, just a big prank. First, saran wrapping it and we're going to put a picture of the girl he hooked up with a few weeks ago all over his...
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    Pi Kappa Alpha... Pikes, where are you guys?

    Anyone else a Pike on these forums? Me, Cal State University Northridge, Zeta Omicron chapter. Since bigbronc just did Kappa Alpha, I wanted to see if there were any other Pikes here. I'm actually going to the national convention this month from 25th-27th up in North Cal, San Francisco...
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    completely redone system pic/vids, exhaust clips, misc pics

    ok, it's taken awhile to get these since it was done on monday afternoon. the clips aren't the greatest, it's extremely deep and gives off alot and i had the camera pretty close, so take it for you choose. the idle clip is as close to the real thing i...
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    Suggestions needed...

    OK. I'm having to replace my Pioneer DEH-P7500MP for some reasons. My choices are this: Alpine 7995 Alpine 9827 Now, I like the 7995 because it's motorized, but it has no amp built-in, which is fine, because all my speakers are amp'd already. I like the 9827 not only because its a...
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    Amp install diagram - Need help

    The HU has the two together, with engraved "SW" and "F" as the one on the right has a tag saying "Rear Output". I have these two amps.. one's a 4 channel for speakers, the other is the 2 channel powering the subs. I can't seem to get this right at all. If possible, could someone be so...
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    Suede headliner, iPod, XM MyFi & stuff

    Before After iPod XM MyFi (have yet to mount this) Infinity REF7540A to power new Kappa Perfect 6.1 components and rears (not yet installed)