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  1. J

    What exhaust sounds best.

    I second this question. I would be interested to know what it would sound like.
  2. J

    Electrical Short???

    Sounds like a short to ground if the fuse keeps popping. Do you have a meter or at least a test light? If so, trace back the power.
  3. J

    How was the operation with your wife? Did everything work out ok? Let me know if you want to...

    How was the operation with your wife? Did everything work out ok? Let me know if you want to meet up and chat sometime man. God Bless. in Christ, Andrew~
  4. J

    Treadwright tires anyone?

    I can't view the pics?
  5. J

    Treadwright tires anyone?

    Sweet! Let us know how they work out for ya....Oh yeah, be sure to take some pictures for us on lookers!
  6. J

    screwy power window problem

    Sounds more like a mechanical issue more so than an electrical issue. Make sure the trac has a free path of movement and there isn't debris in the way.:)
  7. J

    Posting pictures

    If you get a photobucket account, which is free by the way, you can post them here by just putting the link you get from Photobucket. Easy and you don't need Elite status to do so. Not saying you shouldn't donate to the site, because you will save tons through the knowledge of this...
  8. J

    Treadwright tires anyone?

    None from me. I'm trying to sell my truck now. Sadly
  9. J

    1993fordexploere's 1993 "X" xlt 4x4

    Looks good bro!
  10. J

    OMG NOOOO!! can I drop my oil pan???

    I've sliced my oil pan before on rocks. Here is what I did and it lasted for over a year....then I totaled the car in a 4 car pileup. Clean the oil pan very well and get some JB weld, the kind that takes longer to dry, and cover the crack! Works well.
  11. J

    TreadWright, Inc. Tires

  12. J

    TreadWright, Inc. Tires

    Sweet. Just the ones I want too!!! Are those 32's?
  13. J

    TreadWright, Inc. Tires

    Any pictures of these tires on some Explorers?
  14. J

    Replacement shocks

    No more than $30. I'm super poor right now. I'm trying to get a different job, but it's not working out too well.
  15. J


    If it's just the sensor with a harness, it's about $85. Just the sensor is about $15. I hope the ABS system doesn't need to be replaced cause those get pretty pricey! Look up in your manual for the location of the ABS system.
  16. J

    Replacement shocks

    I've got a 92 4x4 Ex that needs shocks pretty badly!!! What should I get? I found that the Monroe ones are pretty cheap. I'm looking for inexpensive shocks that provide a good ride. I'm looking for more on road stuff as I'm looking at selling my truck and I'm using it as a commuter till I...
  17. J


    That sounds like your ABS is kicking in. That could very well be your tone ring cracked, don't know how you broke it though. If so, it would be sending your computer a faulty signal. Saying your going really fast when your not really. Have you hooked up a scan tool to your ABS system yet? Make...
  18. J


    He might have been talking about the tone ring, which sends a sensor to the computer telling it how fast your going. It's also called an exciter ring and one other but I can't think of it right now. Sounds easy, but check the reservoir to make sure you don't have too much fluid in it. If you...
  19. J

    body lift, test fit 35's

    No joke man!!! If I keep my truck, I'm gonna soak mine with PB for at least a week before I do it.
  20. J

    body lift, test fit 35's

    How did you do that in that short of a time? I heard it usually takes a whole day!:roll: Did you have a bunch of people helping you or something?
  21. J

    Valve Gasket replacement

    It's fine to use a flat razor blade. Be sure not to cut that hose on the left though. Ya never know what that might cause! ha:thumbsup: How long did it take you to change the gasket? I know on some fords, like the mercury Topaz, it only take about 30 mins.
  22. J

    Front wheel bearing difficulty/time to change?

    I need to R&R the front wheel bearings on my truck and am wondering how long it takes usually and how hard it is? I found them online for about $15 and need to change them soon. Thanks in advance, Andrew
  23. J

    body lift, test fit 35's

    Looks pretty sick man! You are really stuffing those fronts!!! Sounds like you should get some 34's. You can get 34" LTB's. Not sure of any other brand that has a 34. Just look around. Or just get out the knife!!! lol What size tires/lift did you have before the BL?
  24. J

    manual shifter

    I believe there is a hardware kit you can buy that should fix your issue. I have the same problem. Why not just go grab the needed parts from the same truck you got the shifter from at PaP?