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  1. Krebs21

    Review forum for aftermarket parts.

    I remember looking through a parts review forum awhile back but can't locate it. Is there still one up? I'm looking into aftermarket seats/steering wheel for my 92', and was hoping to see what others have gone with and what's worked well.
  2. Krebs21

    Solved Super Runner Steering w/ Rough Country drop pitman Arm capability.

    I just removed my stock Steering linkage to replace with the Superlift super runner system. I have a 4" rough country lift installed. The the pitman arm specs. on the instructions for the super runner say the max drop is 3.064". but im measuring closler to 4" drop on my pitman arm (which makes...
  3. Krebs21

    Speed Related "Whirring"

    I've been working on reviving my suspension and steering on my 92' eddie bauer. I replaced the front shocks, coils, rotors and wheel bearings. About a week after I got an alignment I started to hear a pretty high pitched "Whirr". It gets Louder and higher in pitch as I accelerate and winds down...
  4. Krebs21

    Grade 8 Bolts?

    Hey everybody, Thanks to this awesome site, and the great information and how to's I've found, in a few days I'll be replacing the radius arm bushings on my 92' Eddie bauer. Which is not only a huge step into the world of dyi for me but a very exiting one as well. It seems that a previous...
  5. Krebs21

    Time For Some Questions

    Hi Everyone, I think I should start off by saying this is my first 4x4 vehicle, and I have very little mechanical knowledge of any sort, let alone offroad modifications.. I have a stock 1992 Explorer 4.0 4x4 five speed. I picked it up for next to nothing from the previous owner who had blown...