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    You guys suck.

    Come on, people! It's been what, a year since any kind of organized run? More? I want to see some pics, even from local runs! Backyard treks! Even urban wheeling in a parking lot in Southie! I don't care, get something going, ya sissies. :rolleyes: (Don't MAKE me come back out there...)
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    Cohen on Youtube!

    Hail to the Chief! :salute:
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    Holy hell! Y'all have more stickies than regular threads here. Anyone going to the All-Ford Nationals in Carlisle, PA next weekend? June 6-8! The ecx freaks will be there and wheeling on sunday if anyone's interested. Oh, and I'll be there with the Mark VIII crew.
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    Where's Crankcase?!

    I mean he hasn't been on save for once in the past 13 months....the only trace of him that I've seen is this spy pic here:
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    Thoughts on system...

    OK, I figured instead of telling the "electronically uneducated" about my upcoming system, I'd run it by you guys and get your thoughts: It will be mostly all Alpine product since I have had good success even with their used gear. What I have now (all used stuff I've picked up): Alpine...
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    Cape Cod!

    OK folks, the Cape Cod National Seashore has updated their site for 2007. The weekly permit fee has gone up to $50 (up $10 a year since 2005 :rolleyes: ) but the season fee is still $150. I'm considering making a few trips to try and get everyone over there at some point throughout the season...
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    NEX Meet: Providence, RI 2/24/07

    I'm going to call it now so we can stop going in circles. Providence Place Mall on Saturday, Feb 24th. There's a Dave & Buster's, a cinemaplex, AND an imax, plus all of the shops. So if you find someone you can't stand, there's always an escape. It's convenient to eastern Mass, Rhode Island...
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    Bought a PA#883 body lift with no issues at all. USPS took its time getting me the product. Overall no problems. :thumbsup:
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    Memorial Day:

    Who wants to do something on Memorial Day? I'll be here and not Arizona. I'm thinking camping on The Lookout in VT and maybe somewhere else another night. I don't think I'll have 4wd by then, so wheeling is possible, but I may not drive trails. Thoughts? Ideas?
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    Proposed Event Date Thread

    Here I'm going to start a thread for proposed club events, not to be confused with outside events such as the DWE show and the 4-wheel jamboree. I do this in hopes that we can raise involvement and find out when people are free to do something. For instance, I just posted a thread suggesting...
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    Independence Day weekend event?

    I'm going to propose a possible 4th of july event for anyone who may be able to take a 4-day weekend (the 4th is on a Tuesday; I may be able to get the Monday off) or will still be around if taking a week's vacation that week. I'm thinking of either a Cape Cod beach run, or a camping trip up to...
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    Deep Woods Extreme!

    Deep Woods Extreme show thread. Like I said in the thread, Aaron and I got to sample this show last year and it's very much worth the trip 45 miles or so into NH to see some local wheeling pride. It's a great opportunity to network with other clubs and meet other wheelers, and also watch rigs...
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    Deep Woods Extreme show in NH, Sunday, July 23rd.

    V8BoatBuilder and I got to see this show last year and it was quite fun. It's a much more club-oriented event than the jamboree, and much closer; only a few minutes up I-89. There are tents there with different clubs, and it's a great opportunity to network with other club officials. People...
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    Cape Cod!!!

    Sup, homies? I was surfin today and found that the NPS finally updated the Race Point Beach site for 2006. I myself plan to get an annual permit and frequent the beach often this year. Plus a nice saltwater fishing rod & reel that'll also let me get away with staying the night there. Race...
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    New Year's party in PA anyone?

    How bout some ACTIVITY!!! Anyways, Spas is organizing a New Years partay over by Paragon. This is convenient for me, as I'll already be in Hershey for the long weekend, only about an hour away. There will be wheeling, I'm told, and nothing too extreme at all, she says, so there should be...
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    Good seller. All parts were present and accounted for as claimed.
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    '05 Jamboree pics thread.

    OK, guys, let's try and pool all our pics (or best pics) here for all to see.
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    '05 Jamboree Confirmation Thread

    Matt asked for a head count for who plans to attend the Jambo. Not everyone who wants to go will post, but I urge any and all you regulars who plan to join us to leave a quick post and if you need an extra room for x amount of nights so we can work towards a group rate. Any other jambo business...
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    Camping in VT?

    OK, so I'm thinking of something to actually do this summer before the big jambo. I was thinking since most 9-5 (or similar) workers have a 3-day weekend July 2-4, perhaps we could plan a camping trip up to the Lookout again, where Mike, Tim, and I (eventually) hiked to on Halloween night. If...
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    4-Wheel Jamboree in Essex Jct, VT!! 8/6/05-8/7/05

    OK, guys. Time to let everyone in on the 4-Wheel Jambo coming up in August. The 4 of us that went last year had a blast, and most that didn't go chalked it up to short notice, so let this be your notice, nearly 7 months in advance! All the info at this point can be found at Family Events...
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    serious problem......

    OK this all started when i heard what i thought was a louder exhaust leak. I got the check engine light when i was on the gas at all. Went to autozone and they scanned the codes and found cylinder misfires on 4 and 6. I bought a new coil pack. Started the truck and got a steady check engine...
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    stock HU problems:

    OK, so I was driving down the highway last night with the radio on but turned all the way down so i could talk on my CB. Later I shut the CB off and try and listen to the radio, but it's off. I push the power/volume button...nothing. I push the AM button....nothing. I push the FM...
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    CAMPING and 'Wheeling in the Boonies of Vermont!

    OK, so here is my promised thread of the fabled camping trip up to Vermont. So far I'm shooting for the weekend of August 14th-15th so Rfuree's, mine, and anyone else's summer finals should be over with. I'm planning to make a trip of several defunct backroads, not all as extreme as the...
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    4-Wheel Jamboree, Essex Jct VT!!!

    QUICK VERSION HERE. Well, I've noticed (along with all the trail rig vs sport truck bickering) that plans are in the works for a Six Flags trip in New Jersey on the weekend of July 31st and August 1st. For those who have no interest in going out to the armpit of the northeast (no offense...