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    Halloween Vent

    Totally agree. My mom and my wife wanted me to take my 4 month old out trick or treating....I flat refused. Until he can walk and say "trick-or-treat" and "thank-you" we aren't going.
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    crazy lifted truck neighborhood

    You didn't buy this house did you??? Rick, you are correct.
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    I got married!

    Planning sucks, reception party is great!!!! BTW congrats Arnie897...
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    Japanes IQ test

    Once the rules are established (I played before, but can't read whatever language it is) it took me about 5 minutes.
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    So my dog would've turned 18 today... (tattoo)

    Oh my God Rob!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember the previous posts regarding your son, and I always wanted to know how it turned out, because I too was expecting my first son. I am so sorry Robb. We just had a boy in June 2006 and I can't imagine what I would do if something happened to him. No one...
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    Mooses expo stolen

    WTF???????????????????? :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    Auto Cool: an evaluation

    Hey Al: Could you test the "HEAD ON, APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE FOREHEAD" stuff for us too. ;) I've always wondered if it really works. Good write-up by the way.
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    Beached Explorer

    So did it start up and drive off like the Toyota's do in their commercials (edit: dman beat me to it.)
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    "dog" chapman arrested for kidnapping

    Regardless of hipocricy (sp). The arrest is total BS.
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    Our New Bearded Dragons...

    OT: But proof that women are more expensive than men. :confused:
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    Thinking of getting a gun/weapon for home protection

    Thanks for all the great replys guys. I have shot .22 and shotguns with my dad before. I am not afraid of them but the wifey I don't know about. I have also shot a 9mm Beretta several times. I am not afraid of guns when they are in my hands (I trust myself). The only thing that scares...
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    Thinking of getting a gun/weapon for home protection

    Ever since my son was born 6/14/06 I have been waking up at night and staring at my bedroom door, thinking what I would do if someone came in either to rob us or....other. I have never owned a gun personally, but have been around guns since I was a kid. To be honest, they scare me a bit, but...
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    Christopher Walken 2008

    Kinda hard to say if I'd vote for him or not. His site doesn't cover very many issues, it only covers two or three issues, but those issues I agree on. We'll see. I wonder what side of the fence he is on... Dem or Rep, or......?
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    Attention all planets of the solar federation...

    Gives a great idea of the size of planets as well as insigificant we are as humans.
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    free at last... free at last...

    Wait until she starts studying for the CPA exam, unless she alread is one. Or is she going that route? Yeah, tax season will be fun, again if she goes that route. No life between Feb 15th and April 15th and again between 9/30 and 10/15....
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    Are Russians considered Asians?

    I have a russian co-worker. She came over here about 5 or 8 years ago. I think she and her comrads consider themselves Russians. Another interesting point: I asked her what it was like over there during the end of the cold war (1980's). She said that in school they were taught how to...
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    Hilarious vid! Ford Explorer Vs. Infinity FX35

    It was enertaining to watch, sort of. The few clips of the girls were pretty hot. :thumbsup:
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    Why must lunch be at noon?

    I like to wait til 12:30 or 1, the only reason is that when I get back the afternoon isn't so loooooooog.
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    Tire Changing Kit

    I'll take the one on the left please.