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    Joe Boxer's 1995 Build

    1080* :D Great looking rig btw! that's exactly how i started my build! Keep up the good work.
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    from 31's to 35's

    Well i thought I'd step up from the bald 31's i was running to the bald 35's out in my shed. Here are the 31's... Here are the 35's... without trimming the fender... with trimming... And just because this is before and after. Here is what this $700 rig looked like back in...
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    Cruise control switch-horn?

    My guess would be the clock spring in the steering column. Just a guess though if it's not a fuse.
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    body lift question?

    it's for a 95 -97 ford ranger you can find them on Google shopping, or i got mine off e-bay! PA= Performance Accessories brand.
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    My Roof Rack.

    sorry i took so long... This is pretty simple as far as design. Just two 2"x5" 1/4" thick on end with half of some 4" square tube in the middle and a bolt through it welded on the back side. I may make a few more of these when things get slow. I may just do "blanks" though, and not build...
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    My Roof Rack.

    All my material is either scrap or drop from other jobs i build. I did have the corner pieces made for me though, from the machine shop down the road (they have a burn table) and that's where the $66 is from. here are some more pics, it's all primered, jut waiting for a nice day to paint it...
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    My Roof Rack.

    those are for my 7" lights!
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    My Roof Rack.

    here's the roof rack i'm building... so far i've got 3 hours and $66 dollors into it. Dimensions are, 47" outside to outside width 68" outside to outside length 5" overall hight plate is 3/16" Tube is 3/4" sq .063 wall Only thing left to do is finish mounting hardware and build the...
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    Removing Door Ding Guards-'97 4-door

    Those Plastic squeegies made for laying on decals without air bubbles work great for sliding in behind trim to remove. they flex and are plastic so they're easy on paint. -jason
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    Painting Bumper/Grill

    You should paint it the same color as the explorer, red. I think that looks best. -jason
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    thought i'd post up some pics

    it's a carriage bolt that helps hold the tire on the plate while threading the wing nut on. ( kinda cheese, but not permanent) On the front of that plate is a piece of tube that's that has an outside dia. equal to the inside dia. of the hole for the hub (to keep the rim centered on the plate)...
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    thought i'd post up some pics

    well, just making one for now. I'll see how it turns out, if there is any interest, maybe more, but i imagine shipping would kill. It's kinda like a range rover type i saw. about as wide as the explorer and fairly long too. And thanks! I really like these wheels too. Been admiring them...
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    thought i'd post up some pics

    Well here we are as of today! Just finished up the bumper and tire rack yesterday and got the grill Painted and put back on. Still working on the roof rack. And also got the 16x8 soft 8's yesterday! they are used with 31" swampers. But not for long. the 35's in my shed are for a 16" rim now...
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    anyone geocache?

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    anyone geocache?

    yeah my wife and I do cacheing! It's a blast! We did a bunch back in March during our honeymoon. But nothing too interesting... Yet ;-) I've got a Garmin Rino 120, I was thinking of upgrading here soon. What are you running?
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    steering extention (optional)???

    guess i should specfy which extention... l need a pic of one from a PA-853 kit, as my truck is a 97 ex. thanks again
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    steering extention (optional)???

    could someone post for me a picture of the steeing extention that comes with the 3" bodylift? my buddy has built two 3" bodylifts on both his rangers out of nylan material and hasn't needed the extention piece, and i've done a 3" on my old 95 bronco and didn't use one and a 2" on my old...
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    sneek peek Tube bumper/tire carrier

    Haha, yeah it's about 22 degrees and 4" of snow! I work in Salem, but live in Dallas, so i took the day off. My wife and i are building and Igloo. we were just taking a break. it's cold! hey enjoy your day!
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    sneek peek Tube bumper/tire carrier

    Sure did. it's (2) grade 8. 3/4" bolts. one's 5 1/2" the other is 3" use the plama to blow a hole in the bottom rail and welded in a sleeve. welded 5/16plate to the upper rail with the nuts welded top and bottom of it, and welded tube around each of them to hide the bolt and add strength...
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    Sparetire swing gate?

    This is the one i'm buildng, it's almost done, just needs the rim mount finnished. It's mostly trial and error. Unlike the other bumpers i've made, i didn't plan this one out ahead of time, so it's taking longer getting things "right". hope this can give ya some ideas too.
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    sneek peek Tube bumper/tire carrier

    here are some updated pics, it's almost done feels good to be almost done, i've kinda built it as i went. So it's taken longer than the ones where i plan them out first. mostly trial and error on this one. enjoy! -Jason
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    Lifeguard's cut and turn project

    I think your coils are bowed because they are seated on an incline because of where you did the cut and turn. My beams are cut and turned on the other side of the diff.
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    Throw out bearing replacement on a 1988 Ranger.

    if you haven't done it, i'd recomend you replace the whole slave assy. it should come with a throwout bearing. I did a new clutch and tranny swap on my old ranger a few years back, and about 2000 miles of driving it the slave went bad. I think they're like $130 but it's worth every penny not...
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    sneek peek Tube bumper/tire carrier

    yeah! and i figured since it is a daily driver too, and probably will be for a while. If i where to ever get into a wreck, i'd want the bumper to have "some" give to it rather than crinkle the frame up. but it's still very stout! I can always build another bumper. But the frame would never...