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    Tow limit??

    I would feel more comfortable spending a few hundred on a real hitch. Also a transmission cooler would be a good idea
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    Keystone offroad club member and non member run Raush Creek June 16

    I'm not a member, I've never been there but would like to try it out. How much is it for non members?
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    Donor Years

    Ranger headlights will fit the sport/sport trac?? I didn't realize. Glad I checked out this thread
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    More locker questions for 01 Sport..

    How difficult is the install of the aussie locker? I have never installed a locker. Any special tools, machining, or welding needed?
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    Puddle light install

    Thanks. Looks easy enough. What led bulb did it take?
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    How stupid have you been? (speed)

    155 in Mercedes (Damn limiter) 159 on Kawasaki zr1000 (in tunnel. No cross winds or wildlife) Explorer.. not sure, Probably not much more than 100.
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    where to ride in Hazleton, PA area

    Are there no legal places to ride?
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    where to ride in Hazleton, PA area

    I used to see their explorers parked in freeland all the time in 940, but it's been a long time. Maybe a year
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    where to ride in Hazleton, PA area

    Since i now have another explorer, I really want to find some trails. I know there are a lot of places to ride in and around Hazleton, but i don't know the area other than driving to work. Back when i had my last explorer I rode at Paragon (which is now closed). I remember there used to...
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    SCT iTSX $30 off Coupon for Android and IOS

    Do you know when it will work for the galaxy s3?
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    Are 01 sport headlights the same as 01 sport trac?

    Awesome thanks! It's good to know that the front end is all the same too
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    Are 01 sport headlights the same as 01 sport trac?

    Sorry if this has been covered many times over, but my searches have not given me an answer. I was wondering if the actual headlight housing was the same on the 2 door sport and the sport trac. Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer
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    All you need to know about keyless entry

    This is awesome. We go rafting in the summer, and now i can just leave my key and remote locked in the car. No worry about losing it in the river
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    how can i tell if my explorer is lifted

    I saw the multi leaf rear, but the front arms are not really slanted toward the ground.
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    how can i tell if my explorer is lifted

    Thanks for the replies. It doesn't appear to be lifted. Must be an optical illusion that makes the 01 sport look higher than a 2nd gen 4 door. :)
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    Bluetooth OBDII reader

    Mine works great on all my vehicles. The pin was 5678 though. My friend's was 1234
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    how can i tell if my explorer is lifted

    It's been a long time since i owned an explorer. Anyway, I just picked up a 2001 sport. I wanted an inexpensive 4x4 and this one is in excellent condition. It does seem to sit higher than other explorers that i park near. The tires are 265/70/16, so i know that will slightly raise it. Is...
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    My Girlfriend Is Getting HUGE!

    Lol. Was reading up to page 4 and i happened to look at the dates of the posts. 9 year s ago! Back when i was a regular.
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    wow, this is like a reunion of the old explorerforum days :thumbsup: almost 9 years ago... damn i feel old now
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    Which web browser do you like using?

    i use firefox for just about everything. the only site i use internet explorer with is myspace. firefox doesnt do to well with that one.
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    George Carlin's Rules for 2006

    funnny, but not george carlin:
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    For those of us who use gas...

    yeah. the cheapest i remember is $0.769/gal back in 1997 it was great back then. i drove a toyota tercel that got 40-45mpg. i could go almost anywhere with $20 in my pocket :)
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    For those of us who use gas...

    good idea, too bad it wouldnt work
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    Higher Resolution?

    hey guys, just wondering if it was possible to raise the resolution on my computer. My TV has a resolution of 1920X1080 and i can connect my computer to it to use as a monitor. the problem i have is that my computer's resolution only goes up to 1080X1024. is there a setting or upgrade i can do...
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    Pimp Your Ex

    looks cool. but i'm sure it's just as illegal as driving with undercar neon.