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  1. J

    Online websites? Tire conversions

    Hey all, I’m wondering if anyone remembers/has the link to “miata tire converter”? It’s an online tire converter, showing the differences of two different sized tires in comparison. Height & Width. Thnx, :exp: J
  2. J

    3 Q'S??? Used BFG A/T K/O's w/30-40% remaining

    I could really use your help here, and I know I'm at the right place ;) I found a complete set of used BFG's 265/75/16's for $100 CAD / $79 USD. 1. Should I buy them with this much wear for the money? 2. What is a full tread measurment so I can compare with the used? 3. Can I fit these in...
  3. J

    Sea Foam now sold in Calgary AB!!!

    Just an FYI! I had no luck with purchasing Sea Foam here in Calgary, AB Canada, until last weekend. A friend was also looking for the product, and e-mailed Sea Foam directly to find that we now have a solid local retailer. I too also tried contacting Sea Foam directly about a year ago...
  4. J

    Under Steer? & Problems!

    Hey gang, it's been a while since my last post. My PC at home is still down and I will only have access to this at working hours. I'm noticing some under steer in my truck, and just recently if I turn in a parking lot or in or out of a sharp turn I, a) almost don't make the turn completely...
  5. J

    Son of a Gun!!! How big is to big for flat repair???

    Well after posting somewhat recently with Q’s about the tires I had purchased, and getting a flat shortly after. All has been good. It happened again! This time a friggin spark plug was sticking straight up...
  6. J

    Scale of 1-10 for Parking brakes, How much of a PITA?

    Just wondering how difficult the rear parking brakes are to do for a first time DIY? Also, how long should it take someone for the first time? Any procedure write-ups, pic's? Checked the search function with no results... I know this is a common issue with the X, but nothing in the search...
  7. J

    Question in regards to flats and warrantys?

    Hello, I recently purchased a set of Yokahama Geo's +11, and low and behold I ended up with a screw causing a flat. These tires were purchased ~2 weeks ago. Is there any replacement warranty for this type of issue, or do I have to get this thing plugged and capped myself? Not what I wanted...
  8. J

    Need Quick Advise...4/5/8 ply tires???

    Need some of your expertise on tires...please! I’m heading out today to purchase a new set of shoes for my gal. When I was pricing out some rubber, I was told to stay away from any of the 4/5 ply tires equivalent to 8 ply or even just the 8 ply tires (I was looking at some aggressive...
  9. J

    In/out free play in half-shafts to front diff?

    Welp I finally diagnosed my front end clunking noise, or at least I'm sure this is it... I have free play in my half-shafts connecting to the front diff. Should there be any or some free play? I mean I have ~1/2 of free play. Also, when I move it in and out it "clunks" to the outer hub of the...
  10. J

    Combination Switch Shorting again (smoke)

    Hello, I had an issue previously with my signal combination switch buzzing and shorting on the lowest tilt setting for the steering column. I had Ford fix this when I had recently purchaced this truck. It has now been ~9-10 months since, and I am now getting simular symptoms but with-out the...
  11. J

    Need Help! Replaced spark plugs with platinums, not double plats. Performance probs.

    Hey guys/gals, I replaced my plugs last weekend and now I'm experiencing stumble, hesitation, and exhaust backfire. I also just bought a new set of oem wires to resolve this due to the symtoms and I am still having this issue. I did a search to cross reference spark plug part #'s and I...
  12. J

    Need part # clarification for SOHC spark plugs...Please!

    I have a feeling that Ford has given me the wrong spark plugs for my 99 SOHC. The part # of the plugs they gave me and that I already installed are: AGSF22FM F6 Stock number 6100? Can anyone here please clarify if these are O.K. to use in my SOHC engine. The reason I ask is that I...
  13. J


    You probably have all seen these, but what are your thoughts? I think it's a perfect loook for the X...IMO! Price is not all that bad either. A little heavy, but prob stonger. Cheers, J
  14. J


    What exactly does it mean when a thread posted on this forum is "bumped"? Sorry, always wonderd though... J
  15. J

    Engine ping? 2-3krpm... This is what was tried or replaced. Please help!

    Well after a visit to the stealer & $768 (Canadian) later, my problem with engine ping is still relevant. Under load and between 2K-3K rpm. What was done: First of all, I tried previous to the visit, cleaning of the MAF sensor, IAC, and fuel system cleaner, different octane & service...
  16. J

    FYI! Seafoam feedback in regards to Canada retail

    This is the responce I recieved from Seafoam... (Yes...I really want to check this stuff out!) At this time Sea Foam is not sold in Canada. You could go to a NAPA Auto Parts in your area and see if they can order it from a US store for you. If you are close to the border try to get it...
  17. J

    local napa & auto value don't carry Sea Foam

    What's the next best thing for an X owner with engine ping, if he can't buy Seam Foam locally??? Thanks! J
  18. J

    Thanks for Replys!

    Sorry wrong thread! :( J
  19. J

    X Sport (mono leafs) and lowering ride quality with rearend sag?

    "I posted this in the Sport forum with little responce" (Not being rude, just need answers) Hey gang, I've searched this forum and it's not that easy, so I'm asking those with experience for advice. I have been considering dropping the X using the EE lowering kit, but have been...
  20. J

    Quick 4x4 Question (I tried a searched for this) with 4 wheels in air?

    I had all 4 wheels in the air trying to diagnose my front-end issues this last weekend. My question is that if all four of these wheels are up in the air with the transfer case in 4 low, and the engine is at idle. Would the tires be in four low or do I need to be 5km hr plus for it to...
  21. J

    X Sport (mono leafs) and lowering ride quality with rearend sag?

    Hey gang, I've searched this forum and it's not that easy, so I'm asking those with experience for advice. I have been considering dropping the X using the EE lowering kit, but have been contiplating on the right set up. My Q is: With the mono leafs already sagging, should I switch...
  22. J

    Lifting 4x4 off ground, what about the control track?

    How does the control track perform when all four tires are in the air? I’m looking at inspecting the driveline this weekend, and would like to rule out the half shafts requiring replacement. I have noticed from previous that when I had the truck up in the air that I had a grinding/clunking...
  23. J

    Unsure at this point...probs. (repair or sell)

    Well the time has come; I just broke a 100K (Kilometers that is) this month and have had several issues to deal with all at once. It’s time to make a decision here…. Keep her, fix her, or sell her? First issue, I think I’m going to have to repair my trans (typical). It seems to shift up and...
  24. J

    Anyone have pics of the radius arm & bushings?

    It's too cold to be sitting underneath the truck right now, and a quick reference to help me get started in pin pointing my thumping from under the truck would be greatly appreciated! The thumping is most noticeable underneath the front seating area on both sides of the truck. A lil"...
  25. J

    Need advice. Alt Rebuild?

    Hey guys/gals, I was wondering if I should rebuild my 130 amp alt, and was wondering if the symtoms I'm having are directly related to a ???voltage regulator??? At Idle, the alt is ~13-14V's(normal). Above idle, the truck is also charging(normal). I just install a new batt as well. But...